Some problems burning, help appreciated


As of late I have been attempting to burn music from my computer onto CD-Rs as any normal person might. I would then use these on my decks, if they would work. However, whenever I burn using nero it burns fine, yet when I try to play them on my decks it doesn’t work at all on one deck, on the other certain tracks play but others do not.

I have asked on other forums, people said I had to finalise the disks however nero automatically finalises and I can not turn this off.

Any help and I’ll be extra nice to you.

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Extra nice, eh? :smiley:

What speed are you burning at? I usually burn my audio discs at 16x and have no problems.

Another thing is media quality - what brand of media are you using?

You do not have to be extra nice.
The problem could be with the media you use. Some, specially older decks, will not like certain writable disc brands.
Get some name brand CD-R and try. Also try to burn at slower speed than disc is specified for.
Most software, Nero specially, will finalize audio disc when burned in audio session.
It is true, for a CD player, disc has to be finalized.

Ello ello, thanks for the quick response.

I have tried 2 brands of CD-Rs- Sony and Verbatim. The thing is my decks play some Tevion CD-Rs that my brother made for me fine. I’ve tried doing slow writing speeds also.

I am using an Optiarc AD-52.

I, and many others here, would recommend CDR made by Taiyo Yuden (available online, or look for packaging in retail stores that says “Made in Japan”) - they#re about the best CDRs you can get :slight_smile:

The Optiarc should be a fine audio CD burner :wink:

Edit: where are you located, nednod?

I’m in UK, Leeds. I’ll look for these discs it’s so annoying I could be a super star DJ by now but these damn discs are holding me back!

Cheers and a million thank yous. I shall report back soon.

I would say, get some Tevion from your brother and give him some Verbatim or Sony to burn.
Than try if your burned Tevion will work and his Sony or Verb on your player.
If that is the case I would stay with Tevion. If your burned Tevion does not work and his either one is OK, I would suspect that your burner is getting old.
You can also try Burrrn (free burning software).

Well, my step-dad is a DJ, and he also uses these Taiyo Yuden discs, so you should be good to go once you get hold of some :wink:

Anyway…since you’re in the UK, it’s a lot easier for me to name brands and places you can get TY discs: PC World sell them under the Verbatim brand (remember to look for Made in Japan though).

Also, if you want to try online, SVP are widely used by many UK CDFreaks, and sell genuine Taiyo Yuden CDRs :wink:

I just bought 100 of these super duper Taiyo Yuden ones from i hope they’re a good site cos they hurt my bank balance.

My brother was using the Tevion disks long ago, he’s a forgetful old chap so although that sounds like a useful test, CDuncle, its sadly not possible.

OK. Than stay with TY.
I do not know about UK, but those in my neighborhood are about $0.20 - 0.30 per piece.

I would imagine they’re genuine. We can easily find that out once you get them :wink:

If they don’t help (at 16x), then post back here as it may be the drive. Though I doubt it, my Optiarc is a great audio CD burner, as is my older NEC drive :wink:

TY in the US is cheaper than it is here in the UK, as a rule :wink: