Some problem with plex 16x10x40ide/asus a7v133




i get a new mobo since 2-3 weeks... i used a7v before current a7v133..

if i try to use the plexwriter on ATA100, the system goes slow, and unstable... if i put back into ata66, the writer makes a lots of crc error on disks...

anybody know whats the problem with a7v133 (via kt133a)

(sorry bad english):confused:


Did you read this thread? Maybe it will help you…


To my knowledge No CD-ROM Supports Ultra 66 or greater, yet. Just Ultra 33. I don’t know how it’s even possible to set it Ultra 66 or 100.


I also own an Asus A7V133 and you should just hook your Plex to IDE1 of IDE2.
You don’t need ATA100 for a burner.

And try the newest Via4in1 drivers.


i downloaded the older driver from promise, v11… with this the plex works fine…

i dont understand, but works… its enough

thx, byye