Some probably seriously nOOb questions (NEC 3500)

Hey there Freaks,

first of all, I must apologise for asking what I think will be fairly obvious questions, but I only just started burning DVDs. Reading through this forum has already helped a lot, but since there are so many FW versions, I’m still a bit confused…
Ah, the memories when it was all about CD Burning and FW was so easy to understand… :wink:

I own a NEC 3500A which shipped with 2.16 FW.
I’ll try to ask straight to the point questions which won’t take long to answer (I hope)…

  1. I hear a lot about newer writing strategies. From what I’ve read here, it seems they enable overspeeding of several media… Is there any other advantage to be had from this, like better media compatibility? Thing is, there is the odd thread where people report having difficulties reading burnt DVDs in other DVD-Rom drives since upgrading to 2F8 or 2C8 FW, which I understand have the newest strategies?

  2. When executing bitsetting tools, I only get the option to change DL bitsetting options. This is because of my FW (2.16), right?

  3. The one big advantage of bitsetting is to allow for better compatibility with burnt DVD movies, is that right?

  4. I mainly use my burner for backups which are meant to be read on my PC. Am I missing something really useful by sticking to my 2.16 stock FW? I don’t really need riplock removal as my DVD-Rom has its riplock removed.

I think this is it. Thanks a whole bunch in advance to anyone who can be bothered to help me with any of the above questions :bow:

see ya

Ok, forget question 2) , I now know that my fw will only allow for DL bitsetting. Any suggestions on the others?


Quick answers to your questions:

  1. Newer write strategies include more media or improves quality on already included media. This is done by the original FW manufacturers, eg. NEC.

  2. You answered that yourself.

  3. Yes some of the older stand alone players are having problems with DVD+R or +RW. By fooling the player to think it is a DVD-ROM, the may play them anyhow.

  4. Nah, not really. The improvement on the hacked FW are rarely affecting burn quality on the better brands of DVDs. If you are using TY, Verbatim or the like, you should be safe.

Thanks a lot there, BenCarl.

Think I’ll wait with my fw update until I run into trouble with any media.