Some pressed CDs not being recognised by Plextor 760


Is anyone having problems with a Plextor 760 not recognising presssed CDs. I’m in the process of cataloguing my collection using Collectorz software.

I’ve already catalogue over 1000 CDs using my (now defunct) Plextor 4012S and a Pioneer 108 and only one failed to be recognised - and that was in the Pioneer!

Now I have only a Plextor 760 in my system and in the last two days I’ve catalogued around 70 discs, but six have failed to be recognised! None of these discs are protected in any way.

The discs that fail to be recognised in the Plextor 760 are regocnised in my laptop DVD - a Pioneer.

This doesn’t sound right to me, but before I get onto the supplier (or Plextor) I thought I’d check if anyone else had a problem like this.

Thank you,



I hope I’ve found the problem.

I had Collectorz and Plextools open at the same time and for some CDs it seems they could have been confusing each other.

If I close all CD apps then insert the CD, then fire up Plextools, the CD does get recognised.

I’ll investigate more…

maybe you have the “hide cdr media” option ticked in plextools.