Some players just won't play a +r DL disc, I guess

I checked the booktype with cd/dvd speed and it says that it is indeed dvd-rom. However, my 3 year old jvc cd/dvd player just won’t even begin to acknowledge it even though my computer will play it just fine. For anyone that knows, is this possible. the jvc people said that it will read -r DL but not +r DL, which is not an option for me because of my burner. I’m very skeptical about customer service and will not believe them untill one of you all back them up. So the way it looks for now is bitsetting is not an issue and my player won’t play +r Dl ???

There [I]are[/I] some DVD players that simply refuse to play one of +R or -R DL discs (even if they are booktyped as DVD-ROM).

The most important detail you missed out in your post is the model number of your DVD player. has a comprehensive list of DVD players and there you can view what types of discs each player can read or can’t read.

I just typed in “jvc” into the search:

Try looking for your DVD player there.

If JVC Customer Services said that your player won’t play +R DL discs, then the chances are it [I]won’t[/I] play +R DL discs. I can’t see why they would deliberately want to lie about it.

Uh, actually the most important things he missed were the following:

Which DVD Burner? Which firmware revision? Which media?

All of those need to be answered and troubleshot before we can say yay or nay on the player’s abilities. I have a Panasonic S-35 that by nature DOES NOT care for the + format. However, it reads properly burned Verbatim D/L DVD+R discs provided the booktype is set to DVD-ROM. Thankfully my Pioneer 111D with the stock V1.23 firmware autosets the booktype to DVD-ROM for me, so no worries on that end.

thanks for the help guys(girls). My player is a jvc xv-f80, but I could find no tests on a dvd +r DL unfortunately. As far as the other info, I have a HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GWA-4165B with driver version 5.1.2535.0. What is the best way to check the firmware version??. The media I’m using is fuji +r DL(ritek)2.4X . It’s not that big a deal to use DL discs (I normally split a movie into two using dvdfab), it’s just that if there was a simple, cheap way to resolve the situation it would be nice.

Hi. It doesnt look like your player supports R-DL, according to Firmware u can see in Nero, like on the picture.

Thanks Fidel, I’m going to try again at this with a verbatim some day when I get a good deal.

Well, I suspected that the DVD player was the problem here.

Maybe you should consider buying a newer DVD player that [I]does[/I] play both types of DL discs.

Still can’t say for sure until he gets some quality media. Ritek D01 is hardly what I would call a true test of a player’s ability to play a given format, considering that the media’s results are so mixed.

i’ll let you know when I figure it out, thanks.

I have a PIONEER DVL-700 combination LaserDisc/DVD player that i bought in 1997 when there were literally no DVD’s for sale to play on it. As I type this I’m watching a DL+R booktyped to DVD-ROM on a player that was in use well before any home recordable DVD’s (let alone DL) were on the market. Any DVD player that will not play a properly recorded quality DL+R DVD (bitset to DVD-ROM) is defective. Period.