Some pics of LF burning with ND4571

Hello everyone,
The “job” was made with ND-4571 on the DATA side of a regular DVD media (LG DVD-R 4.7GB. not LF media) . The picture was burned on an empty media (I burned a colored picture but it is like the picture is “inside” the media. In reality It is not so colorful as it here). The “verbosity” was burend on the empty part of a DVD which was previously burened with DATA.

I wish that soon there will be LF medias in Israel… :bigsmile:
If someone have an information about the arriving of the LF media to Israel I would be happy to be sherd.

I see no use for it at this time with its limited visibility :stuck_out_tongue: and with Lightscribe and Inkjet printable media. And I would rather write on mine then that although of course all mine are Printed on Pro Printers and my epsons as well as I love lightscribe for many of my kids copies.
Jenni :slight_smile:

I can not say for now if there is a use or not for LF because I didn’t use the right media yet. I assume that the burning on the DATA side is a “bonus” and not the “real thing”, although I have to say that the “verbosity” burning is more than satisfactory.
Furthermore, the gap in the prices between 4570 and 4571 is not so big so it seems to be worthwhile even for entertainment purpose (I assume that if you want you can convert 4570 to 4571). I hope that in the future ,new firmware and much more available media will approve the use - otherwise it will be vanished :sad: .

:slight_smile: YANIV :slight_smile: