Some people

I tell you…are sooo out to scare people into buying stuff…
a guy down the road works for the Geek Squad at best buy …he told my neighbor if she was going to buy a computer she better get one before January …after that …they will be 3 times as much as they are now…so shes needing one…i’ve been trying to keep it going for her…its like a 95 model…but she just can’t afford it at the moment…but now shes all worried because that dude said that…I was like…look all thats going down in January is that Vista will be out…la te dah…so…she calls him up…asks him if thats all the hype for January…and hes like yes Vista will be sooooooo much better than XP and shit…
i wanted to reach through the phone line and choke him …

now i’ve got a neighbor that thinks i’m more geekie than the geek squad :wink: :bigsmile:

so now its Geeky Sotherner??? :confused:


Oh My God - She’s Crossing Over To The [B]Dark[/B] Side-eh!

After more than 6 years of selling, repairing and installing personal computers for people of all ages i can say without a doubt that it is impossible to grant all wishes of a customer.

On top of that, most (young) personell of a computerstore are as gullible as a 5 year old kid. They don’t know anything, don’t care, and are as helpful as a brick. They are stupid!. Sure, there are exceptions that wanna learn stuff and actually help people.

A good way to test them is to come up with a spec sheet with keywords like what kind of serial ata interface, 32/64bits os, filesharing, etc. Techno blah blah… If they all answer like “yeah, sure…” or actually have to look at each damn box you are dealing with a stupid sales droid.

Oh… and can i choke him again when you’re done with him? :slight_smile:

lmao me…never i’m too sweet and innocent !! :bigsmile:

oh i might add that this same young man…charged her 300 bucks to reformat her computer…and all he did was just RESTORE it…!! after i found out about it…i was furious about it…and told her exactly that she was *taken advantage of *…in a big way… :a


Feed him to the pigs!! :slight_smile:

Now i wanna choke this guy too :a

A neighbor of mine and his ex wife both got the same virus’s awhile back. His wife took her PC into a local pc repair shop and they charged her $75.00 to enter “Format C:”. They then gave her back her empty pc and told her she would need to reload the whole thing. I fixed her husbands pc. He had 3 worm’s and multiple viruses. It took me about three hours, and it cost him 4 beers. And he didn’t have to reload anything. So much for computer repair shops. And, both of my dell’s are under warranty. When my dvd burner when out, they sent a guy from Geek Squad. I had to help him set the jumper on the drive, and he didn’t know how to update the firmware.

:doh: Nothing like having a highly qualified professional working on your computer :doh:

I overheard a sales person in PC World, tell a guy his P3 630Mhz PC with 128 Meg of RAM, would run Windows XP Professional very well. :doh:

Wow, the lengths they’ll go to, to get a sale :doh:

heh… im still amazed that one of our computers is able to run xp home on 128mb ram and 300mhz processor… i want to put it back to 98… but my dad refuses :doh:

if only it was that easy to get chicks to think ur a hot stud lol. I’d be reeling them in with all my techno speak…‘hey wanna come over to mine so i could put a cd in ur slot, and after that maybe run some liquid coolant over ur cpu ;)’ lol

i had a nerdy ex…there were lots of text messages about hard drives…and lots of witty retorts regarding floppies :slight_smile:

Refer to your past experiances and they seem to feel jealous, even if they didn’t even like you. People want what they (think) they can’t have. Once you become a girls objective its easy.

Nobody wants to do anything with the girl/boy who nobody else likes, in a shallow society the views of others on that person seem to matter more than your own views. I can remember a few times I have done things with girls I did not actually find attractive just because the people around me did. There are girls I have turned down just because those around me said they where ugly, even though I found them attractive. Call me shallow, but the times I have done anything other than this I have regretted it for weeks. Just being realist.

Im gonna try that on few girls, see how long till I get a slap, actually most know me well enough and will just think im joking.

Never bring up computers. Talk about computers more than “when we spoke on MSN” or “do you still want a copy of that film” and your fucked.

There, tips from me, even though im in real shit with girls at the moment.

i remember a few years ago when i still had my pentium 1 166mhz, i tried to load windows xp professional. it worked but took like 2.5-3hrs to install…lol…

Wow, you were brave :bigsmile:

along these lines i got aphone call this morning from my aunt and uncle that just moved.

they had the cable company come in yesterday to install internet/cable/etc. their computers weren’t set up et so the guy just installed the modem. no big deal.

well they don’t know how to set up their computers…i’m talking basic setup like connecting wires and plugging stuff in much less connect it to the modem/router and make sure the internet is working.

they called some service was was charing $100 per hour, but the guy no-showed. they rescheduled him for next week, but then they got fed up and called me. I told them to cancel with him and I could get it set up no problem.

hopefully these scams won’t last too much longer…i only see this goiing on for another couple of decades as these days there are very few young people that aren’t comfortable enough with computers to deal with things themselves. at the moment, the main issue are the middle to retirement aged generations.

hopefully this will soon pass and these ridiculous charges for basic services will become less and less profitable.

Hm. I bought two 128MB Samsung PC100 SDR-SDRAM modules in Yongsan a few weeks ago. 8,000 Won per each or about US$8. Since 32MB modules are nearly free, it costs US$8 per system to make 160MB. I’d prefer 512MB but 160MB is tolerable at least without Office XP or any memory-intensive applications running under Windows XP. My purpose was to limit upgrade cost to under US$10 per system while still allowing each to run Windows XP. It’s always easy to add another 128MB to make 256MB. There are only two DIMM slots on most of those outdated Pentium 2 and Pentium 3 motherboards. I found a store selling 64MB PC100 modules for just US$2 per each but it was very soon sold out.

ha! that reminds me of my friends dad… he had a bho and wanted to remove it… so he paid someone £70 to remove it :eek: he didnt get it back for 2 weeks :doh: