Some people are just stupid

Man calls 911 to ask for a police dog to search for his stolen heroin, authorities say

Now that’s funny and stupid, the world is full of them. I heard about the Guy that dialled 999 (911) because he didn’t have a light for his cigarette and was desperate for a smoke.

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This is what happens when society interferes too much with the application of Darwin’s Law.

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I totally agree UTR, let Darwin’s law run free I say.

You cant fix stupid.

That’s true Alan, but we’re all stupid sometimes, it’s a question of degrees and how often.

I honestly think it’s getting to the stage now where some people don’t really think for themselves at all and expect to be advised on everything.

It somehow seems that ignorance is a more accepted image these days and people are less willing to participate and learn.

Even at my age I always try and learn something new every day. TBH that’s one of the main reasons I still like coming here.

Thank you Obie Wan, the force shall be with you.

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ALOL, I hope the force stays with us all.

Most likely he was high when he did it. People do stupid
things when they are unaware of it. I would consider him
more of a schmuck then stupid.:relaxed:

Who are more stoopid people?