Some PC vendors now ship PCs with a Trusted Computing chip

I just posted the article Some PC vendors now ship PCs with a Trusted Computing chip.

 A while  back, some may have heard about the trusted platform module (TPM) coming to  processors or as extra hardware add-ons.  Well apparently several computer  manufacturers are already...
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although i see how this would benefit every pc owner in the long run, somehow i can’t quite bring myself to like it. i don’t think controlling what a pc user can and can’t do with there machine is acceptable, if i want to break copyright laws then i’ll face the consequences anyways, i’m not going to sue hardware vendors for letting me do it! This reminds me of the Content Security Gateway (which filters web content at an ISP level), so whats next exactly, i can only eat a certain times, i can only go to the toilet once a day, where will it end?:r

I don’t trust 'em :d

I supose I could always use a *nix or other open source OS to get around this, but what if they start only allowing an OS to run if it uses the chip?:r

this is filthy totally non trustworthy monopolistic practise and should be crushed for sure…:d

Didn’t P3 scheme of CPU ID flop?

That won’t really stop viruses. Consider outlook email viruses. Outlook is made by microsoft and surely would be digitally signed. So outlook would be allowed to run, but the viruses are caused by the scripting languages in the email, which are actually run by outlook. Since it’s your computer you should decide what gets signed, not another company. Cosider if your working on an open source program. If you can’t sign it you either can only run programs that some other company says you can run, or you have to run your system in an unsecure mode. When I install my system I should be able to generate a public/private key and the system should store the private key on a disk or smart card, then I can only install programs while this card is in the machine. When I take it out, it’s almost impossible for a virus to install itself. The real problem with viruses is the way programs are stored on computers. They’re stored all over the hardrive and can hide themselves anywhere they want. The Windows OS has about 100 different locatitons where viruses can auto-load themselves from. The OS should have one location where programs can load themselves from, one place to set options such as auto-load for those programs, and the file system shouldn’t allow any changes to your applications unless your signed in as admin with your smart card installed. Then if you did have a virus you could just simply go down your app list and go ok, what wasn’t here yesturday.
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Big Brother is coming… We maybe tempted by added security advantages (at least some of us…) but whats is really driving these gentlemen? I suspect DRM and equivalent aspects play a bigger role in these people intentions than our machines security agst virus… if it will be hardware controlled and requiring a digital signature to run software, what will happen if you develop some programs by yourself? And only O/S with a valid signature will be able to be used? And…and…who knows what kind of control we can still have on our computers or how controlled we can be? Will it be like buying a toaster and depend on it to choose the bread brand?

linux baby…that is if they let us install it on these platforms. in the end users will still be able to exploit these things…xbox and PS2 mods anyone ? :g

I dont know why any of you think is a good thing. It’s completely designed just to give them control over us EVEN MORE. This isn’t designed at all to help us, it’s to control us fully!!

TPM is a good thing… ultimatly if gives people the ‘option’ to use it as a security feature… its not big brother, nobody forces users to use it, nor is it there to restrict what you do (assuming you are doing legal things) - This is aimed to give people more secure ways to store things like credit card data, licences for software, security keys aswell as many really solid applications in the corporate environment. Its easy to react in a negative ‘oh no, they will see what im doing’ way - but ultimatly its there to protect people, their electronic ID and rights. In this age of rampant identity theft, is should be welcomed and it would have been with us much sooner if OS support was there… Its all about choice - If you dont like it, dont use it. But dont be dismissave of what is likely to be a key technology moving forwards…

I was reading about this on this website: It’s pretty scary. If you try running a program, say DVD Decrypter or some other freeware, TCP won’t allow it to run because the software’s author hasn’t paid any fees. Forget about pirated software. Plus, if you do your resume on a pirated copy of Word, other legitimate copies won’t open it.

Time to figure out a way to disable the damn thing.

For a server or router that would be great. For a home user it’s just another form of control.

FAR too easy to misuse and in the process hand control to the WRONG people thus emasculating consumer rights. Toss this crap.

so what we are all saying here is we know of a place that the sun dont shine WHERE YOU CAN STICK THIS ONE:g

Oh! If we look at it from the same angle as Kevshed does, what can we say? The point is that we are not talking about something that we cann’t most likely switch on/off…and if it is this way, just take Roj’s view: how can we know about the “who and how” of its use? And to control what you do it is not necessary to “see” what you are doing, preventing you from doing nothing but what is “allowed” will be enough…and I don’t mean you need to be doing something ilegal; just try to run an application written by your goodself but without the necessary ID (will you have to register and pay before?) and you can be stopped! Try to run your old programs…and the is a chance the machine tells you need to buy an update…nevermind if the old one still meets you needs… and so on. So, it will not be necessarily a good thing. And what about the chip saying “the O/S you are about to start is not authorized to run this machine!”? kevshed is right about the risks related to data security…but the main interest behind this its probably more $$$$$$$$$$$$'s related than intended to protect you, besides it playing a part.

Frankly kevshed I’ve had it to here with people who constantly sprout the “if your not doing anything illegal, you got nothing to worry about” mantra. Politicians, Corporations and the law have used this to encumber us with useless legislation designed to impose more control, the result being, if you want to enjoy former freedoms, you are probably outside the legal system. Freedom is never easily won yet easily lost (mostly by ignorance and blind acceptance). I’m thinking I might adopt the “it aint illegal if you don’t get caught” attitude (to some extent) lest I become a drone like you. TPM is not a good thing, being able to do what I like with what is mine is a good thing…:X

We already know thi TPC crap isn’t a good thing. MS already annouced it’s plans and this trusted computing bullshit years ago and things are finally being implemented and coming into fruitation. The problem is how do we counter this? Most of us here would know better and now buy the new hardware that has this TPC in it but what about the large majority of other people? The average gullible joe sixpack won’t know anything about this so he’ll just think it’s good for him and buy it. Unless we can find someway to educate the general public on a massive scale there’s no way we can fight this. I’m already seeing silly aol commericals about viruses. I’m sure you have too. See where that’s going?

Corporate America ALWAYS use words of ‘good intentions’ when we all know they all only want more money, more fortune, more status quo, more richness, more control, more power. Bush invades Irak, Kill innocent ppl, Kill kids, destroy their homes and nation, destroy their honor and human rights. They use the word ‘We’ll combat the terrorism to free the world, and free Irak from their dictatorship, and free the world from Nuclear weapons of Saddan, we are the good, so God be wuth us’. But WE KNOW what were there objevtives: ROBBERY IRAK OIL, control the Middle East Oil. What they do ‘in the name of Good and good and free the world’ ? They KILL innocent ppl, children, an genocide aggaisnt Irak ppl, robber their oil (without paying nothing only a bullet in the head). This IS the freedom of the world ? THIS IS TIRANY, US TIRANY, EMPIRE OF THE EVIL! Free the World ? ahahahahha! SLAVERY THE WORLD! Free the Irak from Saddam ? But they ‘forgot’ US troops… Aggainst nuclear weapons of Irak ? What nuclear weapons ? CIA plant the LIE to give some answers why invade an innofense country. And in the same time Bush want to stop proliferation of Nuclear Bombs, THE US gov DEVELOPS NEW more POWERFULL nuclear artefacts! New more dangerous weapons!.. hahahahaha! This is DEMON or not ? So, when they use SECURE compute aggainst virus in the benefict of the users, u READ otherwise, u READ ‘SECURE compute AGGAINST USERS and THEIR freedom in the benefict of the US tirany and powerfull rich capitalist control ppl’… [ ]´s:(