Some old Samsung Blu-ray players can't handle Avatar



I just posted the article Some old Samsung Blu-ray players can’t handle Avatar.

Avatar may be setting Blu-ray disc sales records, but not everyone who bought the disc is able to watch it.

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Most of the Pioneer players also require firmware updates to play it. BD+5 updates were available to BD player makers in 2009, apparently some of them didn’t act on it.


Agreed. Seems like this was very poor planning (or just willfully ignoring an impending problem) on Samsung’s (and Pioneer’s) part, especially if the updates were available in 2009 as CDan mentioned.


There may also be difference in how various players handle the BD+ restrictions. Some people report that much older players are playing the disc without issue on older firmware.

The “fault” lies with the studio producing such a title. If people started sending this title back by the thousands, maybe it would get someone’s attention at the studio. Since BD+ only inconveniences legitimate customers, and the protections in BD+5 are already hacked, one wonders why the studios still have their heads so far up their arses. :rolleyes:


I’d agree, I don’t get the copy protection. Bluray has been hacked (and everytime they change it, it gets rehacked). Whats with the cat and mouse. What ends up happening, is DRM free copies show up on the net, but the copy people pay for won’t work.

I don’t really like the evolving DRM, where you need constant firmware updates to make sure your paid movies will play.

There’s never been an uncrackable form of DRM. It’s a waste of company resources, ends up making the product cost more, and only negatively impacts paying customers (since they always get hacked, the internet freeloaders get drm free copies).

That being said, before someone wrote this article, did the author bother checking the manufactueres website to see if they had updated firmware?


Biggest movie ever and they didn’t think to test it on a variety of players ?


This one is interesting. Seems some of the Pioneer BD-51FD and BDP-05FD players need to be updated, but you can’t do it yourself. You have to send the player in to Pioneer and let them do it!

This is so incredibly stupid, it boggles the mind. How they think this format will succeed with this kind of service from the manufacturers is beyond me.


This reconfirms my choice to not jump on the Blu-ray bandwagon, at least not yet. :rolleyes:


I want to make the jump to Blu-ray, but I don’t like their rules. DVD had growing pains, too, but they weren’t this bad and didn’t last very long. I’ll stick with DVD for until they get Blu-ray’s act together.


re Kerry 56 advice that Pioneer players need to be sent back to pioneer for updates.
I have a pioneer blu ray player and recently contacted pioneer tech department re if my model required updating, to which they told me no but in the future if an update was required to contact them and they would send me up a disc which would allow me to install the update.


^Sending players back in only applies to those two models from Pioneer, and only ones with certain serial numbers, as the notice shows. Doesn’t matter how few players this applies to, it is still unacceptable.


My first gen Panasonic bd-10a plays it fine, just takes FOREVER to load. Starting to think it has something to do with the BD live enabled players as it seems the early ones aren’t having issues.
The last update for mine was 2.5 in August of 2008. It was their very first player, had a lot of bells and whistles and retailed for 1400 bucks.
I picked it up as a demo with remote for 160 a few summers ago at Circuit City way before they folded.


yeah i agree with you, i wasn’t aware that pioneer had this problem


Pioneer rocks. Blu-ray does not.

Vote Quimby.


I have had two newer blu-ray discs not play in my Insignia Blu-Ray player. They have not released a new firmware since June 2009 and are not planning to release one for my player. I am jumping off the bandwagon and going back to DVD. I am not going to waste my money to by another player only to have it out dated when they change the protection again.


I have a BDP2500 bluray player that handeled Avatar with no problems-having said that most of the releases that I purchase are still dvds-I’ll get the bluray if the price is within a dollar or two of the dvds price. Bluray is more of a novelity to me-upscaled dvds form the majority of waht I watch.