Some of your recomendations on what HDD and Writer to get




Can i please have peoples views on what DVD Writer to get and a good brand of HDD to get.

HDD i’m looking for over 160 GB.
Just a good brand will do.

DVD Writer the best brand aswell please.
With DVD Writers i’m looking for one that does thousands of burns.
Reads/Writes almost every brand.
Most importantly one that’s burned DVD-R’s well when tested with CD/DVD speed.

Oh yeah and are those electronic CD Cleaners worth getting?

Thanks mate.


Good brand of of HD? For me Its Seagate. They perform just as well as other brands but are practically noiseless. I have 2 of these on my PC and there is no sound at all even when data is being written to them



DVD Writer? I would reccomend the new drives from NEC. I have an NEC 3500 and a NEC 3520 and they both have burnt over 300 discs each with no problems at all so far


i’m with asid on this.
i recently added a seagate 80G and a nec 3520.
i like both.


Also when you put the drive in, what bit of software did you use to create your partitions (If you did create some)
Only i have been using Partition Magic but i get errors all over the place!!


if u use seagate you can download their software that lets you do a bunch of stuff for the hardware install.


whats the piece of software that id need.
Im thinking of not maiing partitions actually.
Can i clone my C: drive to it without having to make partitions on the drive im cloning to?
Also can i have link to software i may need?
I’m thinking of just using the drive to back up music etc.

Cheers fellas.


nytvd stated that the seagate software has a bunch of stuff and it has an option to transfer your C drive to the new drive, It works but I had some registry issues on the new drive, so I always opt for a fresh install of Windows and then you can just copy your files to the new drive. Windows set up is actually pretty easy to use to set up your new drive.I have two teenage daughters that are always fighting about passwords so I took a 160Gb HDD and did two Partitions with Windows install disc and installed XP Pro on each partition and the arguements ended. Just did it with Windows install disc. Go to the Seagate website and it should be listed under software.:slight_smile:


What im asking is can i clone the whole of C: which is 30 GB to the new drive which is guna be 160GB without having to create a 30GB partition on the new drive?

Thanks for the help mate.


Sorry Yes you can in one big partition leaving you around around 130 Gb of space to use up. Just have a look at the Seagate software help file.:wink:


Ive been on their site and found discwizard or something.
Basically what i was thinking of doing is making folders on the drive say one called.
then, DivX, Games or whatever.

I would also like to ask this.
If i have things on a HDD that are being affected by bad clusters and sectors on the drive, would moving the infected files from the drive onto another drive fix the problems with the files? or would the sectors have permanantly damaged the drive?
Next question is, how do i prevent bad sectors/clusters?
Also how do i check if a DVD and a hard drive’s data is 100% full, lol i mean like no data loss or corruption?


Well if you have corruped data on your C drive all you will do is transfer it to your new drive. I will let someone with more knowledge than I answer your questions as like I stated above I always do a fresh install of the OS on a new drive.:wink:


Got to agree with the Seagates being virtually noiseless - got 2 80GB ones in the PC and they are very quite indeed - unlike those dire Maxtor’s. I and many others have had endless problems with Maxtor drives. Ok, seagate, WD, all have problems, but the percentage failure rate of Maxtor’s must be an all time record. Each Maxtor I replaced with the seagate was only 60GB, diamondmax ones, but they were so noisy - you could hear them doing every drive operation - with the seagates, peace at last.


I’ve often replaced (upgraded) my system disk & I’ve used Norton Ghost mainly to clone it. Not given me any particular problems.
On the HDD side I’ve used IBM/Hitachi drives & found these pretty good.
I’m a bit concerned about the comments on Maxtor as I’ve just installed one, fortunately only as a work disk though.


Icey - Were u saying maxtors are bad drives because they fail so much?

Crossg - I completely changed the subject on the thing about the clusters sorry about that.
I have no corruptness on the C: drive i was just saying if there was on any drive.

What are seagate good for anyway?
Are they good for life?
Ive noticed with drives over 120GB they overheat a lot quicker especially maxtor.

Yeah, ive never used Norton Ghost, heard it’s good though.
I’ve only used Acronis True Image and Power Quests Drive Image.

Yeah i have had quite a bit of trouble with a maxtor.
Ended up smashing it up and throwing it next door.


Whats the difference between IDE and ATA?
What’s better?


If your referring to asid’s post then it’s SATA, the difference being that SATA drives will give a higher , sustainable throughput(150Mbs v 133Mbs).
If you have a SATA controller on your MB then a SATA drive is the way to go , otherwise you would also have to buy a SATA controller, maybe £20 in the UK.
With the price of SATA drives being only slightly more that IDE drives that might be the best option.
That’s probably not enough of an in-depth description but if I wrote anymore about it I might get it wrong.


A SATA card?
So i cant just buy the drive and use it?
I would have to have a special card?


Yes. That’s the way it works. Also SATA drives have special connections. Some have dual power connectors so that you could use a normal 4 pin connector otherwise a special connector is required. And the data transfer cable is different so you need one of those, unless the controller card comes with one.
I guess it mounts up, say £60 for the drive, maybe £20 for controller with cables (source ebuyer).


arghh right damn…

I think ill buy an IDE from somewhere.

Those SATA drives sound good though ill keep my eye open.


Is that SATA or IDE?