Some of my burnt DVD's no longer recognised


Please help if you can, I am stuck with this one and I have lost quite a lot of data!

I have been burning data dvd’s for a few years.

I have used various media. I started off on cheap discs and decided on TDK Scratchproofs in the end as they seemed the most resistant option.

The DVDs were all kept in a safe place (a metal carry case)

I have recently gone to access some of my burnt dvd’s to retrieve the data off them.

The cheap bulkpaq and datawrite still work no problems.

However, whilst some of the TDK Scratchproof work ok, a few (maybe quite a lot i have checked them all yet) are no longer recognised in the drive.

It is not the drive as i have tried the fautly disks in several drives. I even went out and bought a plextor to see if that would have more success in recognising them, which it didn’t

The thing is i know the DVDs burnt succesfully to start with as i always check after burning (i create a md5 of the data before burning and check the data is all ok after burning with the md5, as well as using nero verification)

These problematic discs are no more than a year or 2 old.

I cannot retrieve the manufacturers code as the discs arent recongised.

In my LG Drive (the one i burnt them on) the drive makes some noise, but in my computer it appears that the drive is still empty.

In my new plextor drive (px800a) it crashes the my computer window (window appears as a white box) until i take the disc out

If anyone knows about the TDK Scratchproof, they changed the design a while back. All the discs with the new design are the ones with the problem.

I think i got them from ebuyer.

I think the older tdk scratchproof that are ok were media code tdk 002

and the newer ones with faults are tth02

I can safely say i will never trust tdk media again. Also i will always keep HD backups from now on.

I have my eye on these discs for next time.
Taiyo Yuden Triple Coated Full-Face Printable 16x DVD-R (Pack of 100)

Or maybe i will just stick to 2 x HD Backups

So the bottom line is Is there anything i can do to get the data of the disks!!!

Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

If the DVDs aren’t even recognized by your drives, there’s unfortunately not much you can do to rescue the data.

As for the Plextor PX-800A: it’s just a rebadged NEC/Optiarc AD-7173 for premium price. The last real Plextor was the PX-760

Your last chance is to try the disc in a recent 20x Samsung or LG burner. Other users reported that those are especially good at reading damaged discs.

By the way, can you tell us the codes that are printed/stamped on the discs?

Hi Womi,

thanks a lot for the reply.

I shoulda asked here first when i was looking for a new drive.

I asked on another forum and a couple of people said a plextor would be the best option. then i read a couple of positive reviews on the px800a and the decision was made.

i have been impressed with my 2 year old lg drive so far so may look into one of the 20x ones, thanks.

I have looked on the discs for what is printed/stamped but not quite sure what im looking for.

On one of the old tdk scratchproof (the working ones)
“DVD+R 4420C2” that is written on the ring near to where the data starts. on the very innermost ring where the hole is there is some letters and numbers stamped but i cannot make them out.

On one of the newer tdk scratchproof (problematic ones)
“DVD-R 620782” (that 8 could be a B, DVD-R 6207B2) and “F0210” on the ring near the data and again I cannot make out the numbers and letters near the hole.


Unfortunately, you are not the first to report issues with TDK DVDs.

The OP here had crappy burns straight off the bat though. I’m sorry to say that there’s very little hope for the data they contained - Samsung are supposed to be one of the ‘better’ readers (and by extension, ‘worst’ scanners because they read over flaws too easily) so my instinct would be to try to recover the discs contents in a Sammy before binning them.

Finally, don’t give up on DVD storage just yet - get something like Premium Grade 8x DVD+Rs from Taiyo Yuden and you can definately trust those, you just fell into a spot of bad luck with (what you did not then know was) crappy media.

It’s happened to us all. :sad:

Thanks for the kind words and info SeanW, and yes i definitely fell into some bad luck with those.

Shame that its not looking good for the discs, I will look at samsung drives in the next month or 2.

I will probably be using these TY scratchproof discs for my new storage needs.

Will deffo stick to TY or verbatrim from now on.

Hi there,

I haven’t tried this, and hopefully I won’t have to but there are programs that might help you recover the data.
One is Isobuster, there are probably others too if you have a search.


[QUOTE=gjazz;2159107]Hi there,

I haven’t tried this, and hopefully I won’t have to but there are programs that might help you recover the data.
One is Isobuster, there are probably others too if you have a search.


That will help for badly scratched discs or physically damaged discs that are still readable. Being unrecognizable is a different matter as the discs themselves have gone past being readable. The only solution is (to reiterate what Womi has already mentioned) to find a capable/resilient reader and along with something like ISOBuster (or the freeware ISOPuzzle) to be able to retrieve the data.

If the drive can’t recognize the disc, the program won’t be able to “rescue” the data, and would be pointless. I’ve tried rescuing a few discs back in the day when qualities were incredibly variable - success only lies with the “reading” drive itself.

Lol, I never said don’t do any of the above, but glad you mentioned using a program like that, I’m a newbie but atleast it was a little helpful.

There are also places (some that won’t charge unless they can retrieve the data) you could send them to if you’re happy & the data is worth that to you, have a search (I looked quickly & found these).


Any updates qu3st. Were you able to recover any data?