Some observations re:52246S on write quality

My initial test for errors are with the LTD 163 as reader using Nero CD speed scandisc…I thought this was the more sensitive reader for errors(it was as compared to my 48125W)

I have some 40x cdr from TY written by the 52246S and they show no errors in my LTD 163 but in the 52246S (non overclocked) I get about 2% errors

the 52246S is one very sensitive reader…these errors are seen at max read speed if I slow down to 24x there are none…I have not tried a 40-48x read speed to check for errors

I should note I wrote the 2 40x TY cdrs with about 500mg clonecd image with version 4.01.11(latest one numbering is getting confusing)…one at 40x and one at max speed with smartburn enabled…there were more errors in 52xcdrw with the disc written at 40x(also had smartburn enabled) than max speed write and smartburn

I also noticed when writing a large image(690mg) on these TY 40x cdr that I got a slowdown at the end of the disc at 52x write speed with smartburn and the disc had alot of errors…damaged and unreadable sectors per cd speed…I used LTD 163 to check for errors not the 52246S

these same discs with 600-650mg image were fine at max speed with no errors again with LTD 163 as the readers

The 52246S appears to be a better/more sensitive reader than LTD 163 for errors
Also the LTD 163 seemed to be more sensitive reader than my old 40125S@48125W

So I think write quality is fine with the 52246S since my LTD 163 used find errors on these disc with 48125W until fw VS08…but the 52246S is one very senstive reader but if slow the read when looking for errors the dis c is fine…this was something noted before on the 48x writers