Some noob questions

First of, I am completely new to all of this type of stuff and would like a bit more information. I hope you can help.

I have DVD Dycypter, DVD Shrink, and IFO Edit.

First Question: I have a standalone DVD recorder which can record to DVD RAM. I also have a DVD Reader/Writer in my computer which can also do DVD RAM. Now, I would like to be able to record TV shows onto DVD RAM and then use my computer to edit the comercials out. Then, I would like to be able to burn this to a DVD-R disc to play on my standalone. What is the best program that would allow me to take commericals/scenes out of files from a DVD RAM disc?

Second Question: Is there some sort of software that allows me to ‘close’ a DVD-R disc? For example, if I burn a disc using DVD Dycrypter and try to play it on my older stanalone that plays DVD Video discs and not DVD-R discs, but I am able to play it on my player that can play DVD-R discs. This is understandable, at first to me, but when I record to a DVD-R disc on my stanalone player and tell the machine to close the disc, I am able to play it on my older machine. So, is there a way or a piece of software that will allow me to I guess, make a DVD-R disc into a DVD-Video disc?

I’m sorry if these are really basic questions and if they have been asked thousands of times in the future, but I really am a n00b.

Thanks in advance.

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For this you need a dvd authoring progra like TMPGEnc DVD Author. With this you can import a video dvd and cut all undesidered sequences, add-remove chapters, and edit menus.

A disc burned with dvd decrypter should be already finalized. If your old standalone player don’t recognize the disc, probably is a media issue. What discs do you use?

Anyway with nero should be possible to close an open session and finalize the disc.

Thanks for the fast reply. I will definetly look into that software. Are there any freeware programs that will do the same thing?

I am using mainly Maxell DVD-R discs.
I’ll have a look at nero.

Thanks again!

You’re welcome.

I don’t know any free software that can do this. Try to do a look at this site. There are plenty of tools.

Alright. I will definetly have a look at that first piece of software you posted. I am willing to buy it if it does what I want.

I will probably download the trial version just to see, but does it support DVD RAM?

DVD RAM is only the media. TMPGEnc DVD Author require as input a video DVD (vob files). If on your RAM disc there is a video DVD then should be OK.

Okay, I will give it a go sometime and get back to you.

Thanks so much for the help again.

You’re welcome

Most imporetant is that your READER is able to recognize the media and content at all. Cartridged RAM discs are not suitable. Standalone recorders mostly use recording formats different from the standard DVD specific formats.

The playing issues on old players have nothing to do really with fixating a disc, it already is.
Check that with Nero > Disc info.