Some new mkvs not working on astone ap-110d

hi all,

have recently been having problems with some new mkv’s not working on my media player (astone ap-110d). these files play fine on my pc although tsmuxer crashes if i try to process them with that

with some research it seems to be a problem with “header compression” setting default which new version of mkvmerge (4.2 +) now produces files by default. and from what i’ve read not a bug in the encoding software but its a bug of tsmuxers ( and i assume therefore my mediaplayer)

its all a bit over my head wondering if anyone else had similar issues or if there is indeed a media player that will play this type of mkv which it seems will become the norm in the future

A lot of people are complaining about the header compression settings. Many have reverted to the 4.0 version or earlier to get away from this. There are many different ways to make mkv files, so I don’t think mkvmerge’s actions are going to become the norm.