Some movies that you won't believe are coming out



B24 - 2012[/B]
B28 Months Later - 2013[/B]
BAvatar 2 - 2014[/B]
BAvatar 3 - 2015[/B]
BBond 23 - 2012[/B]
BClash of the Titans 2 - 2012[/B]
BDead Space - 2013[/B]
BDeadpool - 2014[/B]
BDespicable Me 2 - 2013 [/B]
BDie Hard 5 - 2012[/B]
BEnchanted 2 - 2012[/B]
BG.I. Joe 2: Cobra Strikes - 2012[/B]
BGears of War - ???[/B]
BGhostbusters III - 2012[/B]
BHow to Train Your Dragon 2 - 2014[/B]
BI, Robot 2 - 2015[/B]
BIndependence Day 2 - 2013[/B]
BIndependence Day 3 - 2014[/B]
BIndiana Jones 5 - ???[/B]
BIron Man 3 - 2013 [/B]
BJumper 2 - 2013[/B]
BKill Bill: Vol. 3 - 2014[/B]
BMan of Steel - 2012[/B]
BMen in Black III - 2012[/B]
BMission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - 2011[/B]
BMonsters University - 2013[/B]
BNational Treasure 3 - 2014[/B]
BPercy Jackson & the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters - 2012[/B]
BPirates of the Caribbean 5 - 2013[/B]
BPirates of the Caribbean 6 - 2014[/B]
BPrometheus - 2012[/B]
BRise of the Planet of the Apes - 2011[/B]
BRobopocalypse - 2013 [/B]
BSilver Surfer - 2014[/B]
BTerminator 5 - 2014[/B]
BThe Amazing Spider-Man - 2012[/B]
BThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 - 2015[/B]
BThe Avengers - 2012[/B]
BThe Bourne Legacy - 2012[/B]
BThe Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician’s Nephew - 2014[/B]
BThe Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair - 2015[/B]
BThe Dark Knight Rises - 2012[/B]
BThe Flash - 2013[/B]
BThe Hunger Games - 2012[/B]
BThe Wolverine - 2012[/B]
BTop Gun 2 - 2013[/B]
BUntitled 300 Sequel - 2013[/B]
BUntitled Batman Reboot - 2015[/B]
BUntitled Chronicles of Riddick Sequel - ???[/B]
BUntitled Cloverfield Sequel - 2014[/B]
BUntitled Jodie Foster/Sci-Fi Thriller - 2014 [/B]
BUntitled Lemony Snicket Sequel - 2012[/B]
BUntitled Star Trek Sequel - 2012[/B]
BUntitled Taken Sequel - 2013[/B]
BUntitled Third Tintin Film - 2015[/B]
BWanted 2 - ??? [/B]
BWarcraft - 2013



So… no original movie will ever be released from now on? :stuck_out_tongue:


Excellent list! :cool:

Some interesting stuff there although some of those follow ups are less surprising than others given the success of the originals.

I enjoyed Avatar, Jumper, GI Joe (although somewhat guiltily :)), Iron Man, the Bourne films, Terminator Salvation, Star Trek and The Dark Knight so I’ll probably give the sequels a go.

I think it’ll be a tough job improving on Ghostbusters though but we’ll see what they come up with.



[QUOTE=DrageMester;2592146]So… no original movie will ever be released from now on? :p[/QUOTE]

No it’s been banned and all persons expressing originality will be imprisoned without trial.

Wait a minute… was that an original thought you gave…? :cop::p:cop:



Just a curiosity: who is going to train the Drage? :stuck_out_tongue:


Huh? more Rambo movies…???


I question the Indiana Jones 5 title .
I heard it is " Grampa Jones : Still Alive In Indiana "


[QUOTE=geno888;2592151]Just a curiosity: who is going to train the Drage? :p[/QUOTE]

Ahh… many an evil dragon slayer has tried and failed.

Just as well he’s on our side then! :bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:



Pirates of the Caribbean 6 - Jack Sparrow in search of the Titanic


SAW X in 2012 probably. :smiley: