Some more information about Macrovision's SafeAudio

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A little while ago we reported that Macrovision has announced a new copy protection for audio CD’s. Stvastva found an article in Stereophile magazine that gives us a little more information about…

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Someone should tell the music labels not to buy this so called “protection”. They will spend a lot of money and then are going to blame us when they find they are only throwing money away.

“Macrovision has a strong track record with such ventures; their Safedisc CD-ROM software copy-protection technology has been licensed to more than 100 mastering and replica-tion facilities throughout the world and is used by many publishers.”. HAHAHA, used by many recording companies, an bypassed by many burners :g :g

Aint it funny those guys always makes us laughing whit this kind on bullshit :slight_smile: It probelly will be hacked in 1 or 2 days.

I am not so sure about that. SD2 has not been cracked and I don’t think copying a VHS tape with macrovison protection is easy.

Don’t get me wrong, but Dfense are you a new in this stuff? SD 2 is copyable by certain writers and the macrovision protection you can easily bypass (=> anti-macrovision boxes) Cya RandoM

You are correct, but don’t forget that these protections are not aimed at the tweakers. The average man on the street does not have a anti-macrovison box, does not know about firmware downgrades and has never heared of clonecd. If they just make it hard for the average guy to copy a borrowed/rented audiocd there copy protection works.

Yes, dont forget the analog way. With a good sound card you can copy anything, it doesn’t matters the protection directly from the player. So dont give me that bullshit about macrovision;)

Hmm, if we cant copy it from cd to cd recorder why dont we just ripp it at 192 or higher bitrate and then burn it, they cant stop us :4

Macrovision is evil. :d Do they really expect this to work? There is always a way around any protection they think up. :4

Hopefully the prices of music CD’s don’t go up anymore if they use this “protection”. The prices are to high already! :d

This whole music piracy thing by the recording industry is just another way of “legally extorting” $$$ from ppl who believe the hype. That is, the hype about declining sales and depriving the “already-rich” artists of even more $$$$$ due to and in the name of piracy. We all know the right name for the hype and that name is “bullsht!!! “A problem (in this case piracy) is nothing more than an opportunity turned inside out”. Macrovision really doesn’t give a sht about this so-called piracy issue. They are just practicing “good old capitalism” by capitalizing on an “opportunity” (problem) to make more $$$$. Wouldn’t you if you were Macrovision? So, to the above points, Macrovision knows the protection is gonna be cracked just like all the other so-called protection schemes. But uninformed ('casual” or 'average" Joe on the street) will be the ones that pay the price (fuked) for this protection or more appropriately 'this bullsht"!! But hey, the Average Joe is becoming more informed everyday and seeking way to by-pass the bullsh*t. As long as there are good ppl like the CD Freaks crew to keep us informed, we become less and less Average Joe’s and more and more Smart Joe’s (in the know).

If it can be readed and Digital-Analog converted by cheap and conventional CD Players, I’m sure that it can be digitally copied. :4 :7