Some little problems with the NEC-ND2500A, should i worry about them?



first, my windows xp (sp1) recognizes the drive as a regular "CD-ROM Drive" in the system properties. Nero recognize the drive fine.

Second, sometimes after I put in a blank DVD and close the tray, I try pushing the open/close button on the drive and it wouldn't open. It will open if I right-click the drive in windows and choose "eject". Has anyone experienced this or know how to fix it? or should I just return it and get a new one?

Please advise. Thanks.


I wouldn’t say it’s worth returning… if Nero sees your drive ok and you can record DVD’s on it that should be fine.

The drive not opening with the Eject button has happened to me twice… once when I set DMA and didn’t restart the system right after (I believe I needed to do a full reset) and secondly when an InCD formatted disc is in my drive I need to right click to eject.


The XP bug is a XP bug :wink: Just ignore it…

For the tray can’t open bug: Normally this happens when you have a packet writing program installed.