Some labels ponder raising the price of music downloads

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 Thanks go to  Pipemanid, who spotted an  irritating but important story over at the Register. A quick visit will  reveal that at least some labels are thinking that it's time to hike the...
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LMFAO. Oh you gotta love it when those greedy bastards shoot themselves in the foot. I haven’t purchased ONE single legitimate song online and I personally think it’s WAY over priced for what your getting - your paying as much as you’d pay for a CD in a shop where the shop has to pay physical rental, shipping costs, costs of the physical cd, costs of the printing of the packaging, delivery costs, etc. Compare that to just downloading the music in a compressed lossy format online and they REALLY have to drop their prices. Instead those morons put their price up. Talk about WAY over pricing.

Rise the price , DRM … people of course find a better way of getting things they like

Great - I only last year started using pay services over p2p, it wont drive me back to p2p, but it will mean I buy less music. This is pure greed, and allthough I have allways tended to support the RIAA’s principles this is shit. The reason that pay services have done so well is that they are around 1/2 to 2/3 the cost of the retail CD. Ben :slight_smile:

Isn’t it something that the industry has time to get involved in everything exceot the wuality of the music files being downloaded form these services? Given the low cost of online music distribution it is just mazing to me that we are still downloading crappy compressed and low quality audio files. Seems to be little consideration thatthe artiost spent a small firtune of their own money working with professional producers, engineers and recording facilities to have the recods companys exercising little regard for how they sound. Oh well I guess when you are in the audio business there are things more important than how it sounds. - hee hee!

24bit/192kHz stereo and i would buy every damn song i like

I would like to see a option between 128kbps or 320kbps. I encode my mp3s at 192kbps, but given the dual compression losing quality, and the hope of getting almost 100% CD quality 320kbps would be great.

History repeating itself… CDs introduced lower manufacturing, stocking and distribution costs over vinyls. Did the pricing drop? No. DVDs introduced the same benefits over VHSs. The same outcome for pricing, got higher. This will never end as there are always the same greedy bastards at record industry and the same morons buying the overpriced shit.

the RIAA can kiss my a$$, im not paying a dime … grrrrrrrrrrrrrr :frowning:

I think the price for online music download should be $5.00 a track… :smiley: providing it’s in WAV format, and allow us to download it in its native format ! And if it is in lowly, MP3, then it shold be 10 cents… :slight_smile: I have a big cold so I ain’t thinking straight… Make that $17.00 an MP3… :slight_smile: Damn !

This just in! Pirates lower prices to coincide with lower costs of production!

I prefer cd’s. Have only bought a few trax in mp3 and i thought it was a wate of money. (Except for allofmp3 :slight_smile: )

This is why I use ALLOFMP3. I get whatever bitrate I want at 2cents a meg. Whole album at about 80 to 90 cents. Hopefully, they will be around for a while. Like I have always said, They were so busy counting their money, technology creeped up and bit them in the ass. Now it is beyond their ability to stop it,

is HALLOFMP3 legal?

Interesting discussion Quality wise you get crap (in relative terms), as n3r0 says 24bit/192kHz would be the necessary to be = to CD. When Cd came they said to you, this is the “Perfect” sound…and it was not, as it was cut at 20Hz and 20000HZ…you don’t ear (at a conscient level) it but the wave should be there. Than they came with algorithms that give you “CD quality”…and it was a fake, you know by now that mp3 is a “lossy” way… All depends on the system you use to reproduce the music. If you get a good one, even some CDs sound like crap. So downloaded music will always be like that…unless they get a method that doesn’t cut the sound wave at all. And you have the price…gridy, gridy peolple.They only see $$$s, if possible in growing billion amounts, no matter the stuff you buy…and not only on technical grounds, but also in what matters…the music itself. Dematerializing music sales its their dream. You get no physical discs and with DRM the day will came it will be possible to control the files in your own computer. You see, the files you paid for…and you can listen “your usage time is out…pay us more and we will you allow to use it again”. But we are the ones to blame, if we keep paying the asked price…as we are when we buy copy protected Cds in countries where the law allow us to make a copy of a CD we own to listen in the car. $0.10 a song, great quality. No DRM.

Why the hell would I want to pay for any music when I can jsut download it through certain sites and programs…?

Oh, good another reason why I buy most of my new music cd’s from reputable quality secondhand sources, sure I may have to wait 12 to 18 months, but given the bulk of recent crap overhyped releases that purports to be new music from the major labels(sounds more like rigid made to measure copycat and formula style music mostly non original and unimaginative to boot! ) I figure, this way the money I spend is not supporting the greedy bastards, as some other poor bastard paid first time up the royalty fees!!!:S

They need to sale them online in lossless format so you can bunr in CD quality to play back or convert to mp3 for your mp3 players or the lot. Which would be FLAC, SHN, or some other lossless format. Correct me if I am wrong.

Well look at it this way, someone has to pay for Jacko’s trial, and maybe Brittney needs some new breasts? And who knows how many artitsts need therapy after they realize they suck. Guess they gotta figure out some way to get back all that revenue they are losing. Might as well screw their customers as they always have. If only sheeple were smarter…I hate the fact that the majority of this planet is morons.