Some kind of sponge fell out of my NEC DVD_RW ND-3540a

ok, there is something wierd going on, some kind of sponge fell out of my dvd rom (_NEC DVD_RW ND-3540a)!!! What’s it for?? (it still works, can read and write dvd’s, but it was there for some reason (obviously). Can someone pls tell me what is going on?!?!? :sad:

i have no idea, but i can tell you that you’ll get more views and replies if you make your subject relevant to the post.

just a tip…

Tks, you’ re right, I didn’t pay atention 'cause I’m highly traumatised and confused :doh: :sad:

those are probibly just pads ( shock obsorbers ) either from the drive itself for shipping
or from the last disk you put in. there are pads like that in the top and bottom of the cd /dvd disk package. Might it have been stuck to the last dis you put in ?

Could be, I’ve calmed down a bit, NEC tech support also said that it isn’t part of the rom,
probably hopped in by accident:)) (I’ve almost had an heart attack, for nothing) Thanks guys

haha well if it doesn’t belong there at least the drive was smart enough to spit the thing out!

very strange.

when i was a kid and we got our first computer, our very first tech support call involved having to schedule a guy to come to our house, take apart the cd-rom drive, and proceed to extract a needle and thread from its inner workings…to this day we stilldon’t know how the heck it got there haha…

Advice for the future, keep your profilactics away from your PC. :bigsmile:

A heart attack over a bloody ROM ? Those things are quite cheap nowadays i wouldn’t lose my mind over a drive, I’d get a new one :smiley: Now if you see falling gears, mirrors or lenses then I’d worry :smiley:

If there were pads/shock absorbers they would be tucked deep inside the drive and it would be impossible for them to “FALL OUT”, since they are nowhere close to the opening, if at all present in this drive model.

What I would be concerned about is if tiny specs of that foam would end up inside your drive in the wrong area… :smiley:

LOL !!!

Good one ! :slight_smile:

Now that is relative to income, so it may be easy for you to say they are cheap but they may not be to some people. Then there is the possability that a person does not know how to fit them and may have to pay someone else to do it for them, more expense.