Some k-probe / DVD+R/RW questions



I read a lot of comments on the lite-on 811 en I saw a lot of k-probe results. But to me the strange thing is that k-probe scans with dvd+rw are so different.

with traxdata RICOHJPNR01.8#T7

PI value (burned 2.4, scanned with 4, 8ecc, max not selected) betweem 30 and 70

PI value (burned 4, scanned with 4, 8ecc, max not selected) betweem 50 and 250

With standard lite-on dvd+rw RICOHJPNW11.9

PI Values (burned and scanned with 4, 8ecc, max not selected) of betweem 6 and 10 (to me this seems extreme low)

So errors are factor 25 lower. How is this possible.
What is the quality difference in burning +rw compared 2 +r

My PO values are always low and within parameters.

Furthermore, I was wondering how u define a PO and PI error. I can imagine that a dvd with a high PI (correctable error) errorrate and low PO (incorrectable error) errorrate could be better then the reverse. Because maybe a PO error consist of a combination/sum of PI errors, wich makes it incorrectable. So maybe this drive can read and write very accurate and correct the errors which gives high PI errors (but still readable and correctable) and therefore low PO errors.

Anyone got suggestions??

And about the bitsettingtool. I know some people with mac’s. I tried to watch my dvd+r on it and it crashed. Mac apparently doesnt support DVD+R. When I burned with bitsetting tool, dvd worked perfectly on the mac.