Some info about Benq Warranty service, please

i couldn’t find onBenq site what i was looking for about warranty service.

I’d be interested to know what they do if i got a defective driver…have i to ship it to them and then i’ll got a new one (like plextor does) or will they repair mine with maybe loooong waiting time.

I really have no idea, since never got any Benq branded drive and i’m planning to buy a Benq1620.

Thanks a lot

They usually send you a new drive as it would take a long time to fix the drive and then send it back.

Thanks Quackester,that’s a good starting point.
Do you also know if the substitution drive will be new or a refurbished one ?

I have heard of people sending back a OEM drive and getting a Retail back, i really couldnt tell you, but whatever drive you get back its still under warranty.

Thank you so much.
Now i had to choice if 1620 or 1640, when it will be out
Really hard :bigsmile:

btw Shin…Plextor Europe has at your door pick up service and a 2 year warranty (no pick up and only 1 year here in the US).