Some in Congress having second thoughts about DMCA



I just posted the article Some in Congress having second thoughts about DMCA.

    We had a little news  on this already, with 321 Studios founder Robert Moore, going up  the Hill to present his arguement to legislators for personal backup or  Fair Use rights. Now,...
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Do my ears hear right? That Congress says they went over board with enacting the law? And the RIAA and MPAA is howling cause Congress is second guessing what they did? Hmm…Maybe the RIAA and MPAA should read this article and then Congress should be reminded of this article, and then have the RIAA and MPAA explain how they are any different. Here is the article: _ Get out of this one you dumbnuts.


Like Sherrif said, it’s all about throwing shit in a high speed fan and seeing where it lands.


Check out this link for some more interesting comments…


They should deal with this: :r


Politicians WORLDWIDE need a cows vagina pulled over their heads and let a bull fuck some sense into 'em…:X


Sherrif… Truer words have never been uddered… I am currently looking into having t-shirts made with that slogan on it! :B