Some 'important' information

after having experimented for hours on different pcs and after doing lots of research on different forums, i now know some things i would have been thankful for knowing before so that’s why i ask u moderators to make this thread a “read first” sticky too

if the programs ur using say “CRC-error” or if they just don’t work for no obvious reason or if the dvd you burnt is not completely alright (e.g. some chapters freeze) then that is very likely to has one of the following reasons:

1, you have a bad harddrive
now while ur harddrive might be perfectly fine for viewing all kinds of DVDs and for burning regular stuff on DVDs, when it comes to outsmarting copy protection measures, especially for more sophisticated or newer DVD movies, you are going to need a really good harddrive
this once turned me insane it kept saying crc-error on my laptop and also on the desktop it didn’t work, then i used the second harddrive on the desktop which is pretty new and that one worked fine (reading AND writing worked perfectly fine)

2, you’re source DVD / target DVD is damaged

if you can view the original DVD without any problems, you should be able to copy it too. if your blank DVD doesn’t work after being burnt, it might not be fully supported by your harddrive or it might be damaged. this u can avoid by using others. good ones are sonys or verbatims

3, you are burning too fast

try to burn the DVD at a lower speed (4x max)
the faster you burn, the likelier are mistakes. same goes for reading. for reading it is unlikelier though, nevertheless it may help to slow down the reading speed. there are programs to do that, u will find them quickly using google

that’s the advice i can give u, if everything mentioned above is correct, anydvd+clonedvd will work for you

Hmmm, hard drives have [B]nothing[/B] to do with bypassing copy protections.

The dvd being badly/excessively scratched is the most common reason. Once again the HDD has nothing to do with this unless it is dying. Some Sony (MIT) and some Verbatim (MII) are not that good either.

Pure internet myth. Very few 16x discs burn well at anything less than 8x, 8x-12x is normally the “sweet spot” for 16x media. It is also very drive dependent, [B]all drives are not created equal![/B]

I’m curious to see/know the other forums and internet resources you have been browsing. There is alot of mis-information in your post.

If you think you have genuinely valuable information, please PM a moderator or administrator first. Simply trying to copy the thread titles of sticky posts will not get you a good reception, since the content needs to be assessed first by the forum moderator or administrator.

I’m afraid I agree with jhtalisman: that your post does contain some information which is contrary to the evidence base from CD Freaks and many other independent forums, so I have edited your thread title accordingly.

1, sorry i meant dvd drive not hard drive i’m from austria and i kinda got confused i thought harddrive is the general term for a drive sorry of course it only refers to your cd/dvd drive the harddisk has (nearly) nothing to do with burning so could you please change that in the 1st post (i can’t for some reason)

2, the other forums were german, i don’t think they’ll be a lot useful to you :wink:

3, i think reducing the speed may help, i think on newer systems, 16x won’t be a problem though but if something doesn’t work out, it MAY be because of the speed and at a lower speed it MIGHT work so it could help somebody

i think now corrected the information is pretty valuable isn’t it?
at least i would have been HELLA thankful for that info from the start…

i tried it with 1000 programs on my laptop and couldn’t figure out what was wrong.
now i know -> my drive sux
on my desktop, i got 2 dvd drives -> one of them sux to and doesn’t work for ripping a well protected DVD, the other worked (with the same programs i just put the DVD into the other drive)

i’m curious what other experienced users think about suggestions let’s discuss :iagree:

There’s no way I’d burn at lower than 4x on a 16x disc :disagree:…true, sometimes slowing the burn down a little may help (to 8x or 12x perhaps), but no way as low as that unless the media is REALLY crappy (in which case I’d bin it and get something decent anyway).

Different drives and different firmwares also play a part, as mentioned (even the same make and model of drive can have quirks that another does not!).

probably true but i’m kinda cautious meanwhile… i’ve spent 10 of hours without success now that i know how to do it i take every precaution i can
I don’t wanna waste a dvd-r u know and slowing down the burning process is still faster than testing burning the image on a dvd-rw
that’s why i’ll still go for only 4 x

Yes, you’re cautious, which is fine - if you want to burn at 4x, go ahead. But other people don’t need to be unless they encounter a problem with burning at higher speeds. :slight_smile:

true - this thread is just meant to be for people who have reached a point of pure desperation and anger about the whole stuff not working and who just pray for it to finally work out
those kinda people would kill for having it work - burning at 4x is a low price to pay for it to finally work :bigsmile:

but ur right, if it works out fine for you, go ahead and burn at whichever speed works fine

It’s hard to diagnose problems online sometimes. When your not actually not sitting at their pc and not knowing how many people use the pc with the problems is like helping blind.

true but i thought for absolute newbies like i was before this information is worth gold
i didn’t get why my laptop couldn’t burn it and all the people here just figured about software and stuff, but it actually (much to my surprise) was because of the hardware, namely my dvd burner

this and the other stuff i listed is what i consider VERY useful for noobs (at least i was desperately looking for an explanation and clarification how and why or why not the dvd copying works or doesn’t work)

But that’s why we ask for burn logs, system specs and setup info etc - so we can help someone sort out whatever problem they’re having :)…though rolling is correct.

The causes of people’s burn problems may be different in each case, which is why we ask these questions. :slight_smile:

I wonder why nobody mentions the nice FAQ and troubleshooting stickies in the optical drives forum. :wink:

Well you’re free to provide a link :wink:


I appreciate your effort, but please be aware that the questions raised have been covered many-many times in CDF and very thoroughly, I must say with a lot of experimenting and professionalism.

I think a saying will plastically explain what our moderators (;)) tried to explain: “You are knocking at open doors”.


Here we go:
All located in the general Optical Drives forum (


that information is nice but way too complex 4 a beginner
i wouldn’t have sawn through the whole jungle of complex information, i woulda just needing someone telling me my DVD drive was the problem
so now, with the one i’m using right now, it’s ok