Some idiot is hawking a 401/411 ->811 hack again (Not Z!)

Take a look :

I think it looks like a combination of the older Polish method + Zebra mod v3. In any case, this idiot should have credited the creators of the mod, and paid heed to their wishes when they stated they didn’t want it redistributed!
:Z :Z

is it not adsvisable to use this hack

DOn’t use it. Go to instead!

Thankyou guys for your sense of community responsibility! It is most appreciated that you look out for such situations as these and then bring it to the attention of the cdfreaks community.

Good work.


No worries,Zebra. It’s the least we can do after you’ve provided us with the mods :smiley:

I hacked my drive from the info on this page about a month ago. Any issues with the actual information, or just the fact that it was presented without the permission of the creators?


Yeah, the permission part, plus they don’t really tell you which hack they’re using.