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Digital cameras are amongst today’s hottest items and can be found in pretty much every home electronics shop. However, no matter how user friendly a “Point & Shoot” camera may be, all it takes is one wrong setting to turn it into real frustration to fix, especially for anyone new to digital photography.

In this forum, we welcome all digital camera related discussions no matter how trivial the question may be, including everything from choosing your first camera to discussing more advanced things such as how to correct a photograph or fix a problem with a camera.

If your photos are coming out too bright/dark, can’t get the flash to work, photos are blurry/grainy, etc. just post the problem here and someone will point you in the right direction. :slight_smile:

Of course, subjects relating to digital cameras are also welcome here, including (but not limited to):

[li]Digital photoframes
[/li][li]Playback on TV
[/li][li]Choosing batteries
[/li][li]Choosing a memory card
[/li][li]Photography with a camera phone
[/li][li]Travel suggestions for photography
[/li][li]Photography Books & Magazines

If you have a more professional camera such as a DSLR and would like to discuss about a particular prime/zoom lens or Speedlight Flash, feel free to discuss about it here also. With our huge community, there is a good chance of someone with the right experience willing to help out. :iagree:

When discussing about a particular camera or item, please mention the brand and model, as this will make it easier for someone to help out.