Some help with these extensions?

Hi experts, I like to change the sound, the video, the subtitle and even the menus in my PS2 games, some i can do, and some i can’t figure out how. Well im not expecting to be able to do this on every game I buy, but I would appreciate any help on how to decode, change and ultimately encode these extensions. I even would appreciate any info about them, any website, tutor or even what they are for. Here is a list below:

25 To Life HOG, PSS
Beat Down : Fist of Revenge PSS, XAF
Call of Duty 2 PSV, COD, TM2
Crazy Frog Racer PC
Fahrenheit BIK, “BIGFILE.DAT”
Fifa World Cup Germany 2006 BIG
Getting Up PK2
Harry Potter BIG
Ice Age 2 : The Meltdown PSS, PAD, BIN, 000
Judge Dredd : Dredd vs Death MIC, ASR, PSS
King Kong BIK, “DATA.BF”
Matrix : Path of Neo WAD, SFD
Metal Gear Solid 3 : Subsistence DAT
Need For Speed : Most Wanted BIG
Smak Down : Here Comes The Pain PAC, AFS, SFD
The Godfather : The Game VIV
Tomb Raider : Legend PSS, “BIGFILE.DAT”
Total Overdose NAZ, PS2

I tried to be a tidy boy and make it look as neat as possible :wink:

you can find out what programs open what extensions here

some of those you will have to look through with a hex editor and try to match file headers. best of luck with that, as modifying resources -> probably not legal.

can you help me on how to work with hex editor on these specific extensions?

sorry, cant help more than that. hex editing is pretty general, and there are lots of guides available on the web.