[Some help plz]How to create oversized cds?

this quetion is stricking me for last few days and the quetion is how
to create oversized cds or whatever u may call it! this quetion came to
me after i borrowed a cd from 1 of my friends. it was a cd of Windows
server 2003 with all the ent+std+wed though the cd looked pity normal
when i created an iso image of the cd it was around 703mb but when i
acctuly opened it it was around 1643MB. how is possible??? and who do
i creat my own cds to cary more then 700mb???

plz help

This is possible becasue the table of contents continously points to the same files. When you do a ctrl-a and ask for the total contents it keeps adding the same file, thus it seems that your cd is lotsa gigs.

If you want to backup this cdrom it’s no problem, clonecd and or nero will cope with the illegal table of content.

thanks for replying. but is there a way i can do this cause i am creating a muilti-boot cd with tools that can be helpfull during system crashed the total size is around 350MB but i wan’t to create a MINI CD without loseing the tools/data on it. plz give some guidance…

thanks once again

Err no, you would need the Microsoft ISO maker for that and that is copyrighted stuff.

Perhaps making an nLite iso is a better idea (www.nliteos.com)

Microsoft ISO maker

i tried to google but but can’t find anything is this software for sale ? any links :confused:

thanks Mr. Belvedere.but i have just gone through the documentation of nLite it dons’t say anything related to what i want to do.
let me explain
i have a data cd

Original Size : 703MB
ISO Image Size : 703MB
Extracted ISO Size : 1643MB
Data Content : 1.6GB [when selected all the files/folders on cd and checked properties]

i have creted a cd with several DOS tools like Dm, TrueImage etc the total size is 350mb i want to put it onto a mini-CD[210MB]

how do i do this. plz help i am desperate

No it’s not. Microsoft uses it to make its own Windows (any version) Boot cd’s. It did leak once in a while though, but i cannot tell you about that of course :cop:

If you want to make a backup of this cd, just use Nero to burn the 703MB iso. It will work.

As already explained the content of that ISO contains just 703MB of data , but some of the files are referred to multiple times.

In a nutshell: Let’s say the ISO contains a file called bighugelibrary.dll of 70MB. Now i refer to the bighugelibrary.dll in the \I386 folder, and in a System32 directory, and in a \extra directory.

Although there is only one file on the ISO itself, it looks like it’s there three times, making the properties 3 x 70 = 210 Megs. Neat trick eh? :slight_smile:

i have creted a cd with several DOS tools like Dm, TrueImage etc the total size is 350mb i want to put it onto a mini-CD[210MB]
how do i do this. plz help i am desperate thanks

Here’s the culprit: your cd does not use one and the same file in several directories, but contains a huge bunch of unique files. There is no possible way to reduce 350 to 210 megs, unless you use some sort of compression (rar, zip, etc.).

There is a way but it takes some professionalism. If you remember the Windows 98 boot floppy, it came with a huge (1mb) .CAB file on it. When booting with this floppy, a ramdrive (drive letter in memory) was made and the cab file was extracted to this ramdrive resulting in over 2 mb of files.

If you want to know more about this process i suggest studying the boot process (config.sys and autoexec.bat files) of a Windows 98 boot disk.

thanks Mr.Belvedere. its a little heart breaking to know that it won’t be possible but thanks atleast i won’t bang my head here and there. thabks