Some Helllllllllllllpp!

Hi guys,

having a nightmare here. I got ‘record it now!’ software with PC- I started to download a trial version of Nero. I then deleted the Nero as I had only half downloaded it. Then my Record it would not run. I bought Nero 7 from the shop and installed it (after deleting Record it!) but now when i try to create a cd or dvd it says Nero.exe encountered a problem.

I think when I deleted the trial nero I may have deleted something crucial- Record it! was saying has error RNENU.MSI.

Tearing my hair out here- any advice on how to fix this would be very appreciated.



go to add/remove programs, click on record it and then click repair… or just remove it and re-install it.

tried it mate- didnt work- even used recovery disk.

Think I must have deleted a line of program or something- any more suggestions please??

system restore?

yes tried it- but I never saved any restore points! gutted

any more suggestions?

Yep…use system restore…go back to the day you know the good software was installed and restore to that point. If you don’t know how to do this, go “start”, “help & support” and look for system restore. Handy hint…Usually when you install a new program Xp sets a restore point automatically.

Sorry…my last post came through just as you posted.

If you have tried all these options then you’ll probably have to go out and buy the software and re-install it. Sorry :sad:

dunno what to suggest mate… just googled it and it seems you are not the only person with this problem… but i havnt found a site with a solution yet

Is it a virus do u think??

could be google “avg free” or look in the general software forum and under S_S post free software