****Some good information I have learned from Being on Cd Freaks Forum*****

Let’s see, this is Media/Dvd Drives/Printers and other good information I have found on here that might help a few people save ALOT of time… and hopefully, money…

Okay, 1st off, if you own a laptop and are looking for a good Cd/Dvd/ Burner W/ an external Enclosure, After Extensive Research I have come to realize the Most Popular would be:

BenQ DW1655

(This comes with Lightscribe Technology)

And you HAVE to use this External Enclosure:


(This comes with the Prolific Chipset Needed for the BENQ Drive)

Secondly, If your Looking for the BEST I mean the BEST Cd/Dvd Wallet for your personal collection

Check out :


These have the best quality Cd/Dvd wallets I could find on the net…

If your looking for something basic and a bit Cheaper, then I hear most people saying the Case Logic Case’s are good…

Which can be found here:



If your looking for the Cheapest and best Quality media Most people on here Recommend the Taiyo Yuden.

Which can be found here (for the best price btw):


Alright, for all your hardware/media/labels/printer needs most of the Items can be found at a great price on these 4 sites:

Rima.com, SuperMediaStore.com, Meritline.com, and Dealsonic.net

I know theres other’s but for most things, these would be the best…

Another thing I have learned on here is to NOT use any DVD labels of any kind and it is best to go with printable media…

The best Cd Printable media printer with the best Non-Factory Ink Cartidges Prices on the net I have found is the Epson R220.

Which can be found here:


(Probably not the best price you can find, search ebay or ask other members, but mostly for spec’s)

Okay, what else, lets see… Hmmm…

The most used software combinations would have to be

Dvd Shrink and DvdDecrypter together.


CloneDvd and Anydvd Together…

Which is unbeatable, but does cost money after the Trial period.

Neway’s hope this helps the Newbies save some time and you guys have an easy time finding everything…

Good Luck and HAPPY BURNING!


You can’t find a better site. If you open your eyes and spend some time reading you can learn almost anything here. If you can’t find what you are looking for and ask for help you will more than likely find quite a few very knowlegable people to help with their advice.
Great place! :iagree: :iagree:

Glad you’ve found stuff to help you here! :iagree:

I definitely think this is a great site to learn stuff - I learn something new everyday here. :slight_smile:

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