Some Good guidance needed PLEASE!

Ok hi all, i no this questions probably been asked before but i cant find it anywhere… heres my problem…

Im trying to burn around 100 dvd’s for my mums bussiness to hand out to her customers. The video file isn’t that big but it’ll still take a few days to burn 100 and I dont want to use vcd or svcd. So please dont advise me to do so!

I need them to play on all dvd players. Someone told me that I need to burn them full stream and multi-regional. And i dont no how! Iv tried looking everywhere on the net but im just surfing in circles! :a

My DvD burner is MATSHITA UJ-840D

its not the best but it aint the worst either! :bigsmile:

Which burning programme should I use ?

And how do I burn muti regional and full stream ??

Which DvD’s should I use 2 ???

If anyone can give me an idiots guide (im new to this so i dont know all the big words!) I would be so so so so so Grateful :bow: !!

What video file is exactly? Is it an avi or a wmv or what?

Its ripped from another dvd so its already converted

Converted in what format? What format have the original one?

Do you want to burn vob files?

yes they are vob files vob and bup.

Ok. My suggestion is to use dvd shrink to create an ISO file, and then use imgburn to burn the ISO on a disc.

ok but will the disk then be multi regional and full stream? and which dvd disk should I use or doesnt it matter?

To be sure that discs will remain readable in time, I suggest you to buy quality media like verbatim (NOT pearl white series) or taiyo yuden.

To make region free you can use shrink itself

With Matshita burners you should only try and use very good dvd media. TY/Plextor and Verbatims…

so if i just burn an iso onto a good disk like verbatims will that solve my fullstream and muti regional problem???

You can create an ISO file containing the multiregional video; dvd sheink is good for this.

Then burn the ISO on a good media. Try first to do a test with a single disc to see if the video is in the way you want, and then burn all discs you need.

I suggest you to wait 10-15 minutes between each burn to avoid to overheat the drive.

What has the iso to do with regions??

If you are asking to me, sorry if I wasn’t enough clear. :o

I mean that it’s possible to create a region free video with dvd shrink, and then select ISO [I]as output[/I]. In this way it’s possible use imgburn to do all burnings.

Yep, true. Sorry, I cut the thought-line. :wink:


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You could also get yourself a dvd burner that is capable of bitsetting, when a DVD+R blank is bitsett to DVD_ROM this is the ultimate video playback compatibility.

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