Some game publishers will not stay until 2010



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With the gaming industry having a tough time to handle increased costs, it’s likely that the industry wants to keep its $60 price tag. In an earlier news item from we already asked your…

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I expect the market to be split economically. Large publishers can afford commercial engine and console licensing costs, large back-end infrastructures for multi-player support, have enough volume to attract product placement and other advertisement revenue, DRM, and can absorb piracy losses when the DRM is broken. Small independent firms will rely on niche products with faithful (i.e. paying) customers, low-cost and cross-platform engines, PC and open-hardware systems that don’t have large license costs, and incrementally deployable products like MMORPGs where there is a high initial client development cost but content can be phased in while actively supporting customers. The useless middle-third of the market consisting of movie spin-offs, substanceless eye-candy, and retail betas will be packed up on a ship and flown into the sun.


The US gets new games for $60 but everywhere else pays more than that, even allowing for currency conversions. The people who set game prices in Europe & Australia should be shot.


I think $60 is way too high, especially when you have 2, 3 or more teenagers in the house. Consumers pay $60 because they have to, not because they want to. :frowning: