Some Fujifilm and Verbatum help

Does anyone know where I can get MIJ of these so I can get the TY media, BB was having a sale on the Fujifilm 100 packs and it was MIT, I got anyway but it’s a present so I can’t open them but I’ll return them if I can find the MIJ stuff, everything at BB was MIT…

Verbatim 16x +R, 50 pack for $12.99. Look for the spindles that have a serif font for the “Open/Close” printing on top of the main cover and a blank rectangle over the recycle triangle, which is directly opposite the “Open/Close”.

edit: Oh, these are at Best Buy. NO REBATES to hassle with.

clintb: Those are Verbatim CMC made, and not TY!

North America does not have the MIJ Verbatim. CMC make is your best bet.

The only garanteed way to pick up TY these days is by ordering the unbranded stuff from Might be a few bucks more than some of the sales going on but you can avoid the hassle and wasting gas. MIJ media has virtually disappeared from retail stores.

Ahhh it’s been a while since I had to shop for Blank media, I loaded up on MIJ Fujifilm and Sony and had some Verbatum (I’ll check what they were) and now I am running low so it’s time to start shopping again.

By unbranded you would mean this right “Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 4.7GB, 8X, 100-Pack for 36.99 per pack” right?

Yes , but they should be 2x50 pack spindles with shiny silver top (hence Unbranded !)

mines came in one 100 pack

And there are still TY media right?

Also I just noticed but is there a reason why the DVD-R is 10 cheaper??

From Rima ?

They say 100 pcs in two 50-Pack cakeboxes !

Are yours cakebox or sgrinkwrapped ?

mines were from SVP, unbranded 100 pack,

sorry, i missed the $$$$

had a wee drink when i posted