Some facts about Nic Wilson and DVDInfo-Pro

Since Nic Wilson has decided to go around the forums making outlandish claims about CDFreaks in general, and me in particular, I think it’s time to share some facts about who Nic Wilson is. I have been given permission from a certain LiteOn employee (who is the focus of these things) to share these facts. I have removed his name to prevent further damage to him at LiteOn.

Nic Wilson has a long history of lying and distorting facts to further his financial interests. He will use any means necessary to get code for his software, and frequently uses it without permission from drive makers or programmers.

In this particular instance, he attempted to get a LiteOn employee to illegally share code for several of the well-known internal LiteOn programs, and when he was denied, he reported the same LiteOn employee to LiteOn management for releasing the very tools that NicW was trying to steal.

Here are a couple of emails/PM that NicW sent to this LiteOn employee:

n icw
Author of DVDINFOPro

Registered: Jul 2003
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Assistance with DVDINFOPRO

I am the author of DVDInfoPro see

I would like to add parity testing into my programs error checker but as yet I have not figured out how to do it?

Are you willing to provide me with assistance with this?

I can give whatever credit you feel is necessary in the ‘credits’ section of the about box and or the documentation files.

Many users and dealers are requesting I add this feature and I have searched and searched and come up with very little so far.

(FYI dvdinfopro is written in visual c++ )

PS. Is the new + only drive planned that way or is minus missing through licensing issue? Users are also requesting that I contact liteon about adding in Bitsetting that my program can do for Ricoh and HP drives.

Secondly will Liteon support the new read_dvd_struct 11h Read ADIP command that I finally convinced Ricoh to add in so my program will be able to read media codes on blank +R media.

Brisbane Australia

And in response to a request from the LiteOn employee to help test a program:

Nic Wilson
> Bigpond To: *******
> <nicw@bigpond. cc:
>> Subject: Re: Bug in Kprobe and LtnFlash
> 2003/09/10
> 08:56 AM
> I am happy to test the results for you.
> I would like to discuss sometime how to add PI / PO error checking into
> dvdinfopro program and if its possible. I get tons of requests for it.
> cheers
> NicW

Here is the resonse from the LiteOn employee, regarding sharing of programming for error checking.:

From: <******>
To: “Nic Wilson Bigpond” <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2003 11:13 AM
Subject: Re: Bug in Kprobe and LtnFlash

> Dear NicW,
> I am very happy to work and share my experience with you , but I
really have
> my problem ! PI/PO error checking is confidential for LiteON . I cannot
public our
> verdor unique commands .
> I hope you can forgive me !
> Rgds,
> ******

Very soon after this, the LiteOn employee posted an internal LiteOn program on his personal FTP server. This program was never meant for public distribution, but was posted there only for his friends and associates. Because it was not a very secure FTP site, a CDFreaks member was able to get the program and posted it on the forums where many people were able to get it before it could be removed. The program was one that enabled upgrading a 401 drive to a 411 drive. I repeat that the program was never “released” to the public by this LiteOn employee, it was simply an error.
What follows is an email sent to LiteOn management by Nic Wilson:

Nic Wilson Bigpond <>
2003/10/08 08:36 AM

To: ‘name removed’
cc: ‘name removed’


I have discovered something that confuses and concerns me. Please treat this

I know you went to a lot of trouble to protect the new 411s firmware, and
you informed me that it was not possible to upgrade these old drives to the
new FS02 firmware due to the protection and I understood the reasons for
this and agreed.

I now find that Mr **** has released a new LtnFlash that does the upgrade
from 401s to 441s see here:

link removed

Are you aware of this?

Please do not mention I informed you as I want to keep my reputation intact,
but I thought you would like to know. The damage is already done though,
this file is circulating the internet.

Nic Wilson

This is just one example of the sort of behind the scenes activity that Nic Wilson is well known for. In subsequant months, Nic Wilson was again and again found to be reporting the activities of various forums and members to LiteOn, virtually all of our activities here were reported to LiteOn. This resulted in many of the “hush-hush” and banned topics on the forums, and prevented a number of very usefull tools from being offered in the forums.

Nic Wilson and his friends are very fond of saying that information is free, yet he has done everything in his power to see that only he gets to decide what information is made available, and only through his own program. The reasons are obvious, Nic makes a lot of money from his software. He has publicly claimed that his program is downloaded 100,000 times per month. One does not need much imagination to see how much money he makes from the ads and “registration fees”.

This information is made public here with the consent of the source of the information. This is done purely for the purpose of informing CDFreaks members of some of the reasons for the public bickering that has gone on. The opinions expressed here are my own, and do not reflect the opinions of CDFreaks management.

This information is true, and should probably have been shared sooner than now because I doubt that very many people still remember back to the time when Liteon’s first DVD Burners were introduced (Mid 2003). It was withheld out or respect for all of the people concerned.

Money is poor motivation in any situation. That’s probably why I find myself on a Linux box viewing this forum in Mozilla FireFox. I will probably continue to use DVDInfoPro whenever I need it because it is good software for its purpose and I’ll keep browsing CDFreaks because I am well informed and not influenced by some BS readme file.

very good reading material

me myself i wasn’t to impressed with dvdinfopro, and i can admit i have unlocked the program myself

but due to my frequent formatting routines of my computer, if its not something handy and sitting on my hard drives, i won’t reload it

but again, thx for the reading material, adds flavor into my life to read this stuff

For the record, this kind of behaviour is not new from Nicw. Every time he
feels vexated he tries to use dvdinfopro users as weapon against those who
dared disagree with him.

In august 2004 he already used this cheap method against
after he got contradicted on their forum. Out of frustration he immediately
stopped distributing the adware dvdinfopro, then later restored it with
the same kind of warning about

The threads are not complete because Nicw deleted some of his posts afterwards,
but one can still get the general idea :;act=ST;f=1;t=8307;st=0;act=ST;f=3;t=7876;st=0

well he may be a whiz bang programmer but he isnt to sharp abut legal matters. the “rant” he is distributing with the latest version of DVDinfoPro is not only childishly petulant but his unsubstantiated accusations have left him wide open to legal repurcussions.

I would kindly ask people who would like to reply to this thread use the original thread in our media forum. This thread will be closed and made sticky for information and linking purposes.

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