Some easy questions

Hi! Im a little newbie…and ive got some questions about copy protections. Ive been reading the forums and this is what ive understood:

CASE A) ive downloaded a CD image of a game with protection. My burner is a LG dvd-ram 4163. What should i do? Try to burn the image with CloneCD/Nero/alcohol directly to a CD with some protection profiles? Or should I burn the image and then activate some kind of emulation with Alcohol for example? (im a bit lost!)

CASE B) Ive got an orginal DVD movie. What should i do? Make an image with CloneCD and then burn it to a DVD, or make a 1:1 copy using AnyDVD+CloneDVD?

CASE C) I want to copy some of my DIVX and some files to a DVD, in order to free space in my hard drive. Should i use Nero? Can someone explain me in what cases is used DVD +r and in what cases is better DVD -r?

Thanks a lot! Im new to this burning world :wink:

No-one here is going to help you with your illegally downloaded game…it is aslo against the forum rules, a link to the rule is in my sig.
Please read the rules before posting again.

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