Some DVDs will, others wont


Ive been using PQDVD for a while with no problems, transfers most of my DVD movies to MP4 format no problem… (for back-up and IPOD) However there are a few DVDs, which for reasons unknown to me wont work properly… :sad:
Here is what happens… I put in the DVD, adjust appropriate settings and press record. It works fine for a few mins and then states that it has finished recording the footage… When in reality it has only recorded a few mins worth…
I checked these dvds on another type of transfer software, which shows you the dvd contents, and it says that the dvd is split into on segments… 2min 40 secs here, and 3min 12 secs there… about 20 different segments in total…(not chapters)
Is this some kind of security protocol i am unaware of?

I have just downloaded a trial version of DVDFab, will this program be able to bridge the problems im having?