Some DVD info

Hey all, I just bought me a NEC 3540A thanks to reading the reviews on cdfreaks, great site by the way. I figured copy accuracy was paramount and it swayed my decision from getting a BENQ or LG even though those were rated good as well. I have read some points on DVD- and DVD+ format and chose to go with the DVD+ format. That being said, I’m looking to copy some DVD movies for backup purposes. I have read some guides and it looks like to do a 1:1 copy I need a ‘dual layer’ disc with a dvd decrypter of some sort. Once I have the information extracted from DVD with the decryptor, then I can use practically any program to burn the disc right? I know there are programs that will do all of that in one, but what would you guys recommend? I was thinking of getting Clone DVD. Any opinions on that software?

On a second note, I have read that Taiyo Yuden are probably the best brand DVD recordable to get. So in determining TY, I look on the package and if it says ‘made in Japan’ then it is most likely TY right?

On the first point , because of the current high cost of dual layer media most people rip & compress the movies to fit a 4.3gb DVD. Who really needs extras , subtitles, numerous foreign languages etc on a backup.

There tend to be 2 options for this.

  1. Use DVD Decrypter ( to rip to HD & then use DVD Shrink (same source) to compress to fit single layer DVD.
  2. Use Anydvd to remove copy protection and CloneDVD2 to rip/compress movie.

With DVD Decrypter not being developed further then AnyDVD is probably a pre-requisite anyway, although some recommend the free DVD43.

There’s very little to choose between CloneDVD2 & DVD Shrink except that Shrink is free.

If you really want 1:1 then AnyDVD & Shrink/CloneDVD2 is still a good way to go as not all movies can fit on dual layer anyway without something being removed.

As for media, go for Verbatim 16x, FujiFilm Made in Japan, or Taiyo Yuden. Not all Made in Japan is Taiyo Yuden, but as a general rule all Made in Japan is better than other media.

Ok, well lets say if I burned just the menu system, dolby, dts, and then movie track, would that fit on a 4.3gb more than likely deleting the extras, foreign languages, and warnings?

By the way, is running Verbatim DL for 3/$13. If you buy 3 sets you get $15 rebate which drives the price down to $2.67/disc. The best deal I have seen so far on the net. Expensive still but more reasonable if you ask me.

Very few movies will fit onto a single layer DVD-R without any compression even when only selecting the movie and normal Dolby track - toss in the menus and DTS and you would be way over.

Using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2, I have had good results even down at 60% quality. (viewed on a Sony 32in widescreen TV) Why is 100% so important?