Some disc work on ps3 fine some on smasung bdp2500 choppy or not at all on either

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung Blu-Ray Player BD-P1500. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi, everyone, I’m new here. I have been buying tdk 50gb from the perffered seller eBay site on eBay like they are candy and im starting to think im getting cavities! I have brought close 15disk and we all know how expensive that is already. and I only have about 6 viewable backups out of 13 attempts with only 2 blank disc left!:sad:

I have a pretty fast PC with the lg gbw-h20l internal burner. Also a Ps3 and a Samsung bdp2500 (with all firmware up to date)
I also Have the latest copy of anydvd hd. with blu-ray support enabled.
I have the latest copy of nero 9 w/ all the necessary blu-ray plugins. and

here we go:
I backed up a copy of PRIDE AND GLORY just fine with nero:clap:. I then attempted to backup kung fu panda yesterday using the same exact process or at least tried and it took forever for it to burn it errored out @ 60% i took the disk out and put it in my PS3 and it played as much as what was copied, 1 disk down:a

I also have the latest version of blindwrite I did a 1:1 copy of the above menttioned blu-ray and it burned succesfully, however it is not recognized in my ps3. when I put the disk in the bdp2500 it attempts to load it then spits it out. :a or 2 down:a

I then used image burn (latest version) go thru the process it burns successfully It play fine on my ps3 from beginning to end:bow:, however its choppy with long pauses thru the movie preview up to the main menu on the bdp2500 then doesn’t play at all, it just sits there with a blank screen.:confused:

I don’t have or know of a consistant way of burning my back up blu-rays and its burning holes in my pockets… I have only 2 more disk left. I’m happy it plays on my ps3 but thats in my bed room I really wish it would work properly on the samsung bd2500 because thats whats attached to the big screen that everyone watches.

please help, point me in the right direction, tell me what works for you… what Im doing wrong Ive been editing this post so its understandable for close to 30 minutes:iagree::bigsmile:

thanks in advance.

you should start all burns with bd-re disks first then if okay, burn to bd-r, it could be the software, so try a bd-re to make sure the software is good . Check my posts i have the same problems also. Are you doing 1:1 backups?

Thanks for the reply,

I actually have a 3pk of sony 50 bd-re on the way i ordered them off ebay. its coming from japan.

I will definitely try on the bd-re first from now on. In blind write i was making 1:1 copies. they burned successfully, however when i tried them in the the bdp2500 it wouldnt receognize the disk

If you’re making copies to a 50GB media, the process is fairly easy.

  • Rip with AnyDVD HD (right click the icon, either rip video to harddisk or rip image).
  • Burn the rip files with ImgBurn using file system UDF 2.50 (important!)

Be aware that some players and PS3 don’t like 50GB BD-RE DL. I’ve personally tried 3 brands of 50GB BD-RE DL: Panasonic, Sony and TDK. My 60GB PS3 will not play all of the 3 pack TDK. It will play Panasonic and Sony media (both have same Manufacturing ID MEI-T01). My friends’ 60GB PS3 plays the TDK though… so YMMV.

I think gone in 60 secs blu ray has some kinda of bad sector copy protection can anyone else confirm, it fail to read right around 45%.

the disk is mirror clean not a scratch,it plays in the player bdp2500 fine.

i tried it with the latest version of anydvd hd and it cant rip it past 45% either.