Some decent prices on Seagate




Chas: last week Fry’s had the Maxtor 200 GB for $68.99 then I went to Staples asked for price match they gave me %110 price match which came for $64.99 then I used my Staples $30 coupon for $75 purchase and walked out of store withe drive for $34.99 +tax.


Some of us are not blessed enough to have a Frys nearby.


Last Friday I got that $40 Seagate 160 GB after $40 rebate. I think by the end of this year the 300 GB drives will get to $50 after rebate.


I’m not sure if you are refering to price matching or the hard drive deal but the hard drive deal looks good online.
Just a word of warning. Outpost (fry’s online) and frys retail stores are considered diffrent companies (even though they are owned by the same people). With the retail stores at least, they take no responsibilities for manufacture rebates. they even give you a slip of paper at the register that says they take no responsibility (which sounds like fraud to me because they don’t mention that in thier advertisments), but reguardless, they will do very little to help you if you do not get your rebate, no mater how much you scream and bitch (I was in their for 2 hours arguing with someone, and still to date have not got that rebate). Check where the rebate is going to. If it is rebateshq or someone like that, I would think twice.


In the past, I haven’t had any problems with Seagate rebates from drives I’ve bought at Fry’s.


Do you know if they go through seagate, or through a rebate house?


I have had no problems either, for three drives. They seem to go through Seagate in San Antonio TX.


Was refering to the PM opportunity since the nearest Frys to me is 500 miles away.

As for rebates, they are a good way to save some money, but you have to cross your Ts and dot your Is. Some companies like Office Depot are good about honoring bad manufacturer’s rebates, others are not. I have no experience with Frys. I would advise making copies of everything before sending them off i.e. upc code, rebate form and recepits. If I don’t hear from then in the alloted time I start emailing. I too have been burned, but that was when I was wet behind the ears. Another tip is to send the rebate submission certified mail in which case they must sign for it. It costs a few bucks, but then they can’t claim they didn’t get. It is a good idea especially when dealing with larger amoutns.


I’ve had no problem with either of my Seagate rebates.


Chas; the same drive (Seagate 250 GB) is being advertized by Fry’s (@store) on sale for $109.99 - $50 Rebate =$59.99.


can I bring the after rebate deals to Staples and still ask for pricematches?


no, EVERY store pretty much includes in their pricematching policy that mail in rebates do not count towards pricematches…

then again it can’t hurt to try.


I always order Seagates hard drives(SATA, ATA and PATA) from since I have no fry’s near me, I have gotten every single rebate back from each drive that I have purchased throughout the years that I have made purchases through them :bigsmile: