Some computers won't connect to hotspot


We use a Cricket hot spot for internet. The other day I noticed one of my desktops in my study had no internet connection, the other did. My wife has a laptop, and I have a tablet.

Now, my wife’s laptop, one of my study computers, and my tablet won’t connect to the internet. Device manager says the driver is working properly. On any of the three, if the icon in the notification area that shows connection is clicked it says: “Not connected - No connections are available”. Running the trouble shooter does no good. On my study desktop I have installed and uninstalled[with revco uninstaller]the usb adapter many times but it never connects. I have tried two different adapters, one a Netgear, the other TP-link. Also my wife’s smart phone connects with no problem.

Anyone have any idea why my wife’s laptop, one of my study desktops, and my tablet can’t find the hot spot, but my other study computer can find, and connect, to the hot spot along with my wife’s smart phone

I have done, and checked, all I know how to do. Help would be appreciated.