Some CMC M01/AM3 drive comparisons



The media used is Philips branded 16x DVD+ and -R. The M01 was worse than I thought, with the Benq drive puking midway through the burn. The Lite-on followed in similar fashion creating a coaster right off the bat with the M01 though the second burn finished successfully.

The Optiarc was able to burn both media at 18x, and the Liteon deems the AM3 worthy of 20x, but I won’t make that a habit. Comments/suggestions welcome.


Suggestion: I’ve mentioned it a number of times before on here, I’d suggest sticking with AM3 - of course your scans only confirm that (although the 1650 scans with high jitter will exaggerate the error levels). While I’ve had some good burns with M01, it’s not a very consistent media. Also, try not burning them at such high speeds, I’ve found both to burn best at 8-12x, same as almost any 16x media. At 12x you’re only looking at about 45 seconds longer in burn time.


Just use the LG. :slight_smile: