Some chapter menus don't work



Hi gang, great site here. I have learned lots.

I have a BenQ 1620, B7P9 (I believe) firmware. I use Verbatim DL discs (seem to be most reliable). I rip with DVDDecrypter (latest) using whatever the default mode is and I burn with Nero 6 (latest).

Most backups work fine on whatever I play them on. On some (more lately it seems than before) the chapter menus and/or special features menus do not work when played on either my Sony home player or my PS2. In all cases the movie plays just fine. The menus function when played on the PC using the BenQ burner as the DVD drive, but nowhere else.

One example would be the SpongeBob Square Pants movie.

I also got these “DVD reallocation failed” messages in Nero while backing up Matrix Revolutions. Related problem?

Any ideas as to what is going on?

Thank you.

Matt D


gang? one of my office mate used this term. he is from India. So you are from India? why sign here as Matt D?


Nope. USA. I just like the expression “Hey gang” or “Hi gang”. Probably a hold over from my love of the “Our Gang” comedies.

Not sure about the question on the signature. Cuz, um, it’s my name?