Some Burning Questions... Please Help

I have a couple questions about burning movies.

1- Is it better to burn a movie to the hard drive first and then burn those files to a blank dvd rather than having the movie in 1 drive and a blank DVD in another and just copying that way.

2- Is there a way to lower the writing speed when burning in Nero. I am using Nero 7 with Windows Vista. Right now it is just burning at the Maximum speed but I’d like to lower it to 8x to ensure that the disc gets burned properly. I can’t seem to find where to change that.


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In my opinion yes, because the process is faster and it can cause less errors.

To exclude a nero issue, can you try to do a burn with a different software? For example with ImgBurn.

#1 Yes as both burner won’t run at the same speed and like Geno888 said less chance for errors

Okay. Thanks!