Some burning inconsistencies. Bad media?

Does anyone have any comments on these different media ?

I have used the Fuji TY 8x +R discs, The Sony 1-8x -R 08D1 discs, the Ritek Ricohjpn01 4x discs, and the Verbatim 8x discs.

These are typical results no matter what firmware i usecause i have tried them all almost. LOL

The two main ones i used are Liggy’s Beta 8 but i took it off and just use the 2.8C SE Ritek 4x DL cause i don’t like to remember to set the max speed down to 8x on the Verbatim and the Riteks so i get good burns.

All these were burned at 8x.

It seems like the “less expensive” Riteks blow away the Fuji TY’s and Sony 08D1’s @ 8x.

Verbatim 8x @ 8x

Sony 08D1

Ritek DL 2.4x @ 4x

the funny part is i ran out to get a 50 pack of both the Fuji’s and the Sony’s cause people here are getting great burns on these codes at 16x and i can’t get great burns at 8x.
And i tried them at 16 x also and the burns were similar.

I’m cluless unless i just deduce that the Fujis and Sony’s i got were both bad batches.