Some BlindWrite Suite news

I just posted the article Some BlindWrite Suite news….

BlindWrite Suite has posted some news on their future release which will have a little ‘surprise’ in it… I wonder what it will be


A lot of informations have been added…

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Wonder if any attempt has been made to actually get this to work with the TEAC CD-R55S this time. Oh, BTW, don’t bother trying the ‘FORUM’ link, it has been dead for days.

Support for the Teac CD-R55s has been added loong, loong ago. Guess so mixed it up w/ CloneCD, but CCD will never support the 55s (homepage says so).

I am not interested at all in CCD, therefore reference to that is nonsensical in your response. Although it is claimed that the CD-R55S is supposed to work everyone that has tried it burns only coasters with Blindread/Blindwrite - I do not regard that as supported!

Have been using Br/Bw from the moment it supported the 55s and I have not had a problem yet. Even does perfect SD2 copies that run on all drives. Maybe some other problem at your end :c

I have 55sk too, problem is that it’s not recognized as cd-writer, about this bug said in CloneCD help too, seems there needed some windows drivers update/crack? :4