Some Best Buy's clearing out Verbatim 2.4x DL

If you are in USA and have a Best Buy locally, you might want to check if they have the Verbatim 2.4x DL 10-packs. There are reports they are on clearance for $6 which would be an extremely great price for this quality.

Try using this to check by zipcode.
Do not call the stores to check, if the clerk sees the price and realises how good it is, when you get there the item will be gone (happens ALL the time).

Do you have a stock number cause its sounds to good to be true. :confused:
For some reason I don’t find it on the website, all I find is:
Verbatim 10-Pack DVD+R DL Double-Layer Disc Spindle 95166
Up to 2.4x write speed; store up to 8.5GB or 4 hours of DVD-quality video


CK said it was a local sale, so it won’t be on the website.

Thanks for your note :bow:
just came back from my Local bestbuy(LV area) and got 11 packs for $71 :wink:

Sweet. I am glad someone got to take advantage of it!
It will be a long time before we see sub $1 DL prices again :frowning:

KMACDF, the online price will always be full price, you have to check locally for the markdown - the lower speed is being cleared out but not all local stores have them.


I missed getting into my local BB yesterday, so I got in there at 10 today only to find out they were completely sold out on the shelves. Having one of the guys check the inventory, the store itself was out, but I had him do a search and there were 12 of these in the Downey store for $5 ea! I shot down there as quickly as I could, and for a minute was ticked 'cause they didn’t have any on the shelves. I had a guy go check in the back, and he came out with one. I said “That can’t be all you’ve got?!” He asked me “How many did I want?” I could somewhat tell he’d wanted a couple for himself, so I only picked up 10 boxes. What you said about “not calling” has got to be for real, 'cause he’d stonewalled going to the back in the first place and wouldn’t have if I hadn’t pressed him, I’m sure he’d known they were that cheap.

Since lately I’ve been burning nothing but DL disks, 100 Verbatim MKM-001 DL disks (which overspeed nicely at 4x and 6x in my NEC) for $55.00 out-the-door-with-tax is an EXCELLENT deal! Thanks again!

I wonder why they’re clearing them out? The SKU is showing “deleted” in the computer.

Called 15 local Best Buys and they’re all sold-out. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I’m buying a 300GB hard drive, then waiting until cheaper DL media comes out.

Nothing here in my local store in CT. Not even an empty spot in the shelves.

You will always get a “sold out” for one reason or another if you CALL a store that has a clearance for one fifth the price. The employees get a discount on top of that and they are not stupid. The real answers in their head is “we have a few but you’re not getting them”.

If the online check posted above shows them in stock, it’s worth a 10-15 minute trip to find out in person what the price is at.

What part of ‘don’t call’ did you misunderstand? :doh: A few of them were likely not sold out until you alerted the employees.

I forgot about this!!! :doh:
Someone should bump this thread every hour since the beginning! :bigsmile:
Oh well… I guess it’s too late.

I take a wild guess and say the ‘don’t’ part…

It’s not too late. Every random zip code I try seem to have at least one store listed with “still in stock” status :iagree:

They are all over the L.A. area though not in the NY tri-state area…

If someone discovers a particularly huge stockpile, maybe they would buy some for others if we can trust them with paypal and give them a dollar or two for their help. Even shipping overseas isn’t too expensive these days with the “Global Priority” envelope the post office has for $9

Ironically the nearest store to me that has them is 30 minutes away and I am trying to decide if I want to spend that much gas and risk my car which is not in the best shape for highways.

Oh by the way, if anyone has a scanner and could scan their receipt for us, that might help with stores that might not have it marked down low enough :wink: You can blot out credit card info, etc. of course.

Hmm, might have to haul arse out to my local BB and check it out. I don’t really need any right now but at those prices, it sure would be handy to have a pack or two around.

Nah, not really. If you go on-line, it says so, but if you go into the stores and check the real-time inventory, you’ll find a different picture.

All the stores they checked around my home zip code of 90034 with the exception of Downey (which I’m sure is cleaned out by now, as I got 10 of 12) and Torrance (which I think had 5) had “0” in the “qty on-hand” column.

… but as I’d said before, MANY THANKS! (How’d you find out about this?)

I have access to a huge printer/scanner/copier/time-machine at a client’s, but I don’t know how well it’ll work under Linux (it’s allegedly got an FTP interface, which is cross-platform enough). Let me see …

Bridgewater, New Jersey has 'em but they’re 14.99.

Dam I would have taking them. :sad:

Checked both stores on my way home: $34.99. :sad: