Some BenQ questions

I am torn between a NEC and BenQ. I am wondering, which has better writing quality? And can benQ match the NEC for -R? My DVDPlayer is a Toshiba 2800, so I am not certain if it reads them well (definetly reads -R though). Thanks guys! I appreciate it.

Well I was at your crossroad at one point. I ended up with the Benq and all I can say is thank god. Burning a dvd in 6 min with quality in the mid to upper 90s is quite unbelieveable. I would try to find someone who has a +R bitset to DVD-ROM to try on your toshiba. Chances are it will work. I do have some -R discs to and they seem to burn fine…it really all comes down to how much firmware tweaking and what kind of discs you plan on using…

Ah, alright, than BenQ seems to look better and better. How were the quality of the -R’s? Pretty comparable to NEC? Or ehhhh. Thanks again for any help.

They were some 4x DVD-R discs, CMC MAG AF1 was mediacode (memorex brand), they work fine on my players and xbox :wink: Quality was in the 90s as well…

Oh, ok, excellent. I will be buying a BenQ ASAP. Now my last concern was the DVDRW roundup at Was that on old firmware? Seems like it got spanked. Also, how does the future look for support on the DW1620 via BEnQ/Philips? Thanks again, sorry if I am asking alot of newb questions, I just want to feel confident in my decision.

It’s generally noted that the BenQ is an EXCELLENT +R burner but only an acceptable -R burner.

It’s also generally noted that if your main focus will be on -R media, you are usually best off with either a Pioneer or a NEC burner.

says who…-R writes well…dependent on media…

a old burn

Burn 45 : That’s -R 8X TYG02

General Information
Drive: BENQ DVD DD DW1620
Firmware: B7P9
Disc: DVD-R (TYG02)
Selected speed: 8 X
PI errors
Maximum: 37
Average: 11.79
Total: 152532
PI failures
Maximum: 5
Average: 0.01
Total: 74
PO failures: 0
Maximum: 8.6 %
Average: 7.63 %
Scanning statistics
Number of samples: 17471
Average scanning interval: 8.02 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

I started with an NEC ND2500 and now have a BenQ 1620 (well, a Philips 1640P@BenQ1620). The NEC is a great writer, and can handle almost everything I throw at it, though it failed miserably with cheap media.

The BenQ is also a great writer, successfully writing to all the media I’ve tried. I’ve only had it a week, though, so my testing is not extensive. What I can say, however, is the BenQ beats the pants of the NEC when it comes to reading discs. The NEC would fail to read many of the discs it wrote, yet the BenQ can red them without error, and it reads them quickly.

As I build systems for others, I am now using the BenQ drives instead of NEC. In my very humble opinion, the BenQ is, all things considered, a better quality burner and better value for money. (I don’t know how the newer NEC drives compare - they are probably better than the 2500 - but my past experience makes me wary of the NEC drives)



have you wonder why NEC3500A cant read well…well…i have done scans on burns on my NEC3500A and they are all crap…nothing beats a burn by a BenQ!!..:bow: oh my BenQ

search function
there was a thread that shows all the great scans using dvd-r


I don’t know about the NEC 3500, but the 2500 is dreadful. I threw away so many discs believing them to be bad burns – Nero failed to verify them, and the 2500 wouldn’t play them back. It was only by chance I noticed the ‘failed’ discs would play in my standalone player… and a quick search in the NEC forum here revealed the problems with the 2500.

Had I known about the problems before I would have avoided the drive.

Choosing a replacement drive was a very difficult decision. I almost bought a Sony (OEM LiteOn) because I had always considered BenQ to be inferior (don’t know why, just one of those misconceptions). But the posts here made me see the light :bigsmile:

Anyway, I would highly recommend the BenQ 1620 or the OEMs of it. In my experience it is a near perfect drive.

But I concede that without having actually tried the NEC3500 I am not qualified to judge it. Only my previous experience with the 2500 has shaped my opinion of NEC.


Ah, OK. Which type of media would you reccomend for it? My DVD player can read -R (not sure about +R, I am sure it can), but isn’t there a setting that can be used so it will be compatible (if the -R quality isn’t as awsome as the +R)? Like I said, I am pretty new to the DVDRW scene, so bare with me. Also, any reccomendations on a cheap dvd player that can take +R’s well? Thanks again, you guys are awsome.

I’ve checked your player here Definitely plays -R and only small number of people sucessfully use +R. My guess the +R was bitset to DVD-ROM.

After you get your benQ, you can try purchasing a small number of +R media and try burning them. BenQ automatically bitset to DVD-ROM. I would suggest Fuji 8x DVD+R in 25pack made in Japan. The media is Taiyo Yuden which is excellent quality. Verbatim media is also excellent but costly.

The BenQ burns -R very good. Not excellent as +R but still very good.

Ah, ok. Any recommended (inexpensive) DVD players out there that do +R’s pretty good?

If you can find an AMW DVD Player yet (S-99 or something like in model number) that can play pretty much anything you throw at it. If you can spend up to $100 this opens a lot more doors. I don’t know if Best Buy still has my Sylvania DVC-845E on sale for $75.99 or not but if they do I’d recommend getting that player in a heart beat. It’s a DVD/VCR combo and the DVD Player is just truely superb on it! It plays anything I throw at it (-R, +R, +RW, -RW) and it doesn’t matter what brand of media. I have never seen it skip or stutter while playing a backup.

I don’t know if you’re into playing any internet downloadable DIVX/XVID MPEG-4 movies, but if you are the Philips 642 is an excellent choice. It costs about 70.00US at Walmart, and it plays mostly everything I throw at it without much grief.

Yeah I am going for around 70 bucks, give or take. I am looking at the Philips 642 (read there is some sync issues between video and audio), and the sony ns575p. Both hover around 70 give or take.

Talking about dvd player, everybody has their own preference and experience, but I would pick Pioneer. Very good quality but not to expensive. Denon is second because of the high $$$. Check the features, pics and functions at

I have 3 Philips DVP642 home unit DVD players. Spartane is absolutely correct in what he said regarding them. These units play anything that you throw in them. They play all of these DVD disc formats: DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD+RW, DVD-RW.

The Philips DVP642 also plays MP3s that are burned onto DVD media (i.e. - DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, etc.). There just aren’t many home DVD players that can do such. I love all 3 of mine and highly recommend it to Ralob.

Read more about it here:<catalog_us_consumer%2Fcategories<{HOME_AUDIO_VIDEO_GR_US_CONSUMER}&productId=DVP642_17_US_CONSUMER&activeCategory=HOME_AUDIO_VIDEO_GR_US_CONSUMER&fredhopperpage=detail.jsp&language=en&country=US&catalogType=CONSUMER&proxybuster=T4GKAKNIDGMHJJ0RMRCSHQVHKFSESI5P

You can purchase one rather cheaply here:,ECOSTDEAL

That’s only $67.99 for one of them and you also get free shipping.

On the Philips website it only lists DVD+R/DVD+RW as compatible with the unit. But, click on the product specification sheet (leaflet) which is an Adobe .pdf document. In there it lists DVD-R/DVD-RW as well as DVD+R/DVD+RW. I have personally tried all of these types with no problems in all 3 of my units. I hope this helps you out.

The 642 is definitely not perfect. I’ve run into sound sync issues on one XVID movie and I have several XVID movies where all the colors start out all wrong. Clicking the system button on the remote twice immediately corrected both issues.

The other 98% of my XVID movies play perfectly without any issues at all.

Can’t say how it is playing real pressed DVD movies though…