Some BenQ DVDRW scans please



I need to buy some. What media brand does the BenQ like or not like?

This disc was packed in with my now retired Liteon 411s.

Burns at 4x, after approximatly 50 burns it has started to freeze during playback.


Just purchased a five pack of imation 4x +rw in jewel cases.

Here is the first disc. This is not pretty. May have to try to return these. I will try the other four discs first though. Burned at 4x (maybe I’ll try 2.4x or different firmware on this disc)


My first cackbox of Imation +RW was RICOHJPN W11 01 Made in Taiwan but this now they are using Indian media.

Imation DVR+RW 4x MBIPG101 W04 00 Made in India
0-51122-16867-3 102847002806WO 4 216 601 0 A I3 1234 DV 5678


Same disc recorded with PX-712A. And same disc recored a few days earlier with DW1640.


Philips jewelcase 2.4x after approx. 10 burns.


I long ago gave up on BenQ and any RW media. The NECs do a burn near to +/-R quality so they get app my re-writable media. To be honest, nothing I own does a decent job other than NEC.


Sony S11 +RW burnt @ 4x using B7T9 firmware. Approximately 5 writes. PIE are nasty but PIF are pretty low.


Disc 2 of Imation 5 pack. This is a keeper and my faith in BenQ RW writing is looking better.

Still I may consider adding NEC burner to compliment my 1620.

Burned at 4x. 1st burn.


For comparison, these discs have seen some use.


Hi :slight_smile:
Got some Verbatim 4x rw today.


1.TDK 4x ~10 burns in liteon, ~3 burns in benq; 1 year old
2. Verbatim 4x; 1st burn; new :slight_smile:


Esperanza 4x (old crap)
~20burns in liteon, ~5 in nec, 1st in benq

  1. Liteon 811
  2. Benq


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Just thought I’d throw this in for comparison with my previous post # 10


Here’s the best result I’ve had with +RW on the 1640.

Sony S11 4x DVD+RW


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Just thought I’d add this to go with posts # 10 & 13
On these three performances the BenQ is at least a head in front of the other two.


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Like the graph in post # 11, everything going well. Then the 3.7 barrier. WOW. This disc is Philips 041 that I’ve had for some time.


As long as you opened the door for comparison I thought I would post a scan that shows why I stick with NEC, 3500 and 3520, of course. I should have made clear I don’t include the 3540 in my recommendations.

That Sony disc above looks fantastic.

Recorded on an NEC, 2.18 firmware.




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Well it’s interesting chas0039, I actually gave away two 3520’s in Jan 05. Just got pissed off with them. But there’s no doubt that your graphs back you up. You’ll notice even my Plextor 716 isn’t good enough to compete with my 1640 or your Nec.
Just for those who thought that my post # 16 was bad, then this is wicked.
Philips 041 in Infiniti guise.
BTW. Solid Burn & OverSpeed off in all my tests to date.


Hi :slight_smile:
For those who didn’t know & I was one of them. Solid Burn & Overspeed don’t seem to operate with RW media.