Some basic DW1640 questions

I haven’t been around much, but my brother returned his defective DW1620 and they gave him a DW1640 with BK firmware and no software, so I have basically 4 questions?

What firmware works best? We use + media exclusively and try to get TY japan when we can.

I see speedcodeedit works for up to J on the 1640 so if you recommend a firmware above J I quess I can’t take off the rip speed lock?

And what this solid burn and how can I activate/deactivate it?

does it default toDVD-ROM booktype?


Until now I obtained the best results with BSLB firmware.

Regarding SB, I usually keep it disabled for TY because these are really good media. With TY I also disable WOPC with good results.

So how do you disable SB? No software can with his burner.

QSuite v 2.1

You must use QSuite from benq website

Hi :slight_smile:
Firstly MCSE V1.0.7.8 supports BenQ f/w upto & including BSOB/BEGB.
Secondly QSuite 2.1 & Manual.

geno888, QSuite is not needed at all. :smiley:

Just use any Nero CD-DVD Speed since v.4.07 and ala42’s SolidBurn patch and you can enable or disable SB without the bugy QSuite.
And if you wan’t to clear “learned media”, the best is to flash to a pre SB firmware and than again to a “SB firmware” of shoice.


downgraded my 1640 from bsmb to bslb co’z i get write errors with bsmb when burning dvd-r dics. :frowning:

thanks everyone. :clap:

Thanks for the tip :bow:

I missed it :frowning: