Some bad TY CD-Rs

I have a Fuji TY CD-R 30-pack that I bought at CompUSA. It seems that about halfway through the spindle, I started getting high numbers of errors on the discs. is one example.
Burned at 40x on LTR-52246S 6S0C. I think these were 48x discs.

Hmm, maybe it’s my drive. I’ve burned 2 TYs from other Fuji spindles and a Memorex Prodisc and I got C2 errors on them. I haven’t restarted since the problem started. Could it be possible that my drive is dying?

Looks like same problems with Verbatim (Mitsubishi) 48x. C1 error count goes up and C2 errors near end.

Looks like I’m not having the same problems now.

Guys,if you can,use another burner,just to check. I had this happen when I got my first Plextor,only to be happliy relieved when I found out,it was the discs,and not my burner… :cool:

it could just be the discs…i’ve had troubles with fuji’s lately, seems like either a bad batch or TY quality is going down